9 One-Of-A-Kind Children Bedroom Ideas To Unleash The Adventurer In Them

Your childhood is one of the best moments you can have in your lives – your imagination can run wild without a care in the world and these are moments that your child will hold precious to them too. On the other hand, you have some children who need a little bit of inspiration and a helping hand to encourage creativity and a sense of exploration in them.

Build fun memories and get to know them better through some of these creative environments that you can make for their rooms:

1. Indoor Tents

Notice how stories of camping outdoors, the adventures of Peter Pan, Lion King and the Wild, Wild, West gets their eyes wide open?

Kids are always up for fun and more adventures no matter what time of the day it is – keep the little explorer in them growing by setting up a teepee or an indoor tent. It can also just be a little private corner for your children to have fun and play pretend in!

Source: houseorhome.net (left) & decoist.com (right)

2. A Tiny ‘Crawl-In’ Space

Fit in a small hole in your wall or partition about the size of your child as part of a secret ‘by-access only’ hideout in your children’s bedroom or play area. Your little ones will sure love this! (you’ll also be able to keep their mess out of sight)

Ask a contractor if he can build a simple dry-wall partition in your room.

A tiny crawl space.
Source: viralnova.com

3. A Fort-House

Convert a children’s loft bed into a fort-house, or purchase one that’s ready made. It can be low on the ground or be slightly elevated to be something like an ‘indoor treehouse’ – install a hanging swing if you have enough space leftover. Ideal for homes and apartments that have not got enough outdoor space.

Check the fort to make sure they are sturdy and solid enough to withstand your children’s activities.

Source: rhbabyandchild.com

4. Taking The High Seas

You don’t exactly have to create Captain Hook’s flying ship for them but if you want to continue Captain Jack Sparrow’s or Ariel’s mermaid adventures in your children’s bedroom, have their walls painted with the colours and pictures of the sea.

Look for wallpaper with an ocean theme specially made for children’s  rooms or you can also select coordinating decor to mimic drift wood, pirate’s treasure, corals, sea creatures and seashells.

Source: mymodernmet.com

5. Narnia Wardrobe

Nothing beats the magic wardrobe to Narnia! Add a secret passage in a closet and let your kids realise that life can be full of surprises!

The  secret door can lead to their playroom or study room next door. Similarly to the ‘crawl-in’ space idea, you can get a contractor to build-in a temporary partition to create a separate room behind the wardrobe.

Source: io9.com (left) & homeli.co.uk (right)
Source: io9.com (left) & homeli.co.uk (right)

6. The Lego Room

You can build practically anything with lego – houses, cars, spaceships, words, ‘abstract art’, just name it! Line your children’s wall with lego boards so when your child is done with his engineering creations, he can leave them on the wall and you don’t have to worry about hurting your foot stepping on lego pieces scattered all over the floor. Leave the lego boards on for a week and be amazed by what your child can create.

A LEGO wall.
Source: hgtv.com

7. Indoor Playground

Too hot, too dangerous, it’s raining, too crowded, too busy. With all the excuses your children are getting bored at home and their minds left in an idle state. Kid’s need to play so why not build them a mini playground indoors? Have enough to keep them occupied and you get to spend quality time with them in the convenience of your own home.

An entire jungle gym.
Source: mytropolisdesign.com

8. A Rock Climbing Wall

If there’s not enough space in the bedroom, try installing some ‘climbing holds’ on one of your other walls – it can either be indoors or outdoors, and watch your kids go crazy on them! As a safety measure, get some crash mats and place them at the bottom of the wall so they won’t hurt themselves. Who knows, climbing Everest would be a breeze for them in the future!

A rock-climbing wall.
Source: hesta-thingsthatido.blogspot.com

9. A Library or Reading Room

For that one child who would rather stay in and get lost in a book instead of going out to play, you can create a library or reading room according to their style and let them know how special their interest is. It’s a great way to attract other children to build up their reading habits and improve spelling with one condition – they must bring their imagination with them!

A library.
Source: archdaily.com

Thinking of creating a whole new world for your child, or perhaps yourself? Share your ideas with your interior designer  and find out what work you can add to build your children’s bedroom.

If you haven’t got one, let us know what service you need on Kaodim.com and we’ll match you up with the right interior designer to help you build and install everything that you need.