9 New Year Tips To Keep Your Home In The Best Shape

A new year brings new resolutions, and one of them should be getting better at Adulting and keeping your home in order. Maybe you need to upgrade your insurance or install those new anti-UV windows or replace leaky pipes and proper-capacity air conditioners. Or maybe you are not too ambitious, and just don’t know where to start.


These tips will get you right and ready to keep your home in the best shape for the New Year:


1. Air Out Your Cabinets

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A quick dusting keeps your house neat and tidy, but a good and thorough clean will get rid of the dust and dirt buildup. Wiping down and cleaning out your furniture, cabinets, and cupboards get rid of allergens and disease-causing germs while keeping your home fresh and clean for the new year.


2. Sun Your Cushions


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While you bring out the festive cushion covers and upholstery, give your cushions, pillows, and bedding some time under the sun. This will air them out and eliminate allergens, spores, and bacteria, and get rid of bad smells.


3. Polish Your Furniture

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Give your furniture a good clean, buff, and polish. Leather upholstery should be treated and polished with the proper cleaners and oils, while wooden furniture can be buffed with lacquer. Very old pieces can be re-stained to brighten their look and maintain their quality.


4. Flush Your Sinks

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Food scraps and oils can build up in sinks and plumbing, causing clogs and leaks. Occasionally flushing your sink with drain de-clogger can keep them clean and blockage-free.


5. Clean Your Drains


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On a similar note, give your drains – indoors and out – and gutters a good clean to avoid blockages and flooding.


6. Maintain Your Locks


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Locks can get dirty, rusted, and stuck, so the occasional maintenance helps keep them working well. Besides cleaning and polishing, use the proper type of oil to properly lubricate the lock mechanism to ensure smooth and proper function.


7. Fix Cracks


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Give your house a once-over to catch any cracks in the walls, chips in the paint, and damage to doors, windows, and flooring. Check the grout between tiles, and caulking at various joints. Getting them fixed or renewed will maintain the quality and improve the lifespan of the fixtures and features of your home.


8. Plug Your Leaks

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Similarly, check your roofs, walls, sinks, faucets, and pipes and plumbing for any leaks, both large and small. Get those plugged and fixed before they become serious and attract pests and mould, or cause permanent damage to your house’s structure.


9. Redecorate

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Finding new inspiration for the new year? Redecorating will not only pep you up and get you ready for 2019, but will also help freshen up your home. Replace dreary drapes and fussy fixtures with something new and exciting. Rearrange furniture, upgrade fixtures, and give a new paint job to gates and walls. Connect to our experts to ensure your space is in the best shape.