9 Deliciously Fancy Recipes For Valentine’s Day

There’s no better gift than a home-cooked dinner on Valentine’s Day. You can bring the love of your life to a highly-rated restaurant, but the fancy food is nothing compared to a simple dish that you prepared in your humble kitchen. A home-cooked meal is prepared with love and special attention to the likes and dislikes of the person it’s made for – something world-class chefs can’t do for your Valentine.

Here are some creative and delicious recipes you can try to make the most romantic dinner for your special someone:


Red pepper appetiser hearts

red pepper-stuffed appetiser hearts
Photo credit: Betty Crocker

You would give your heart to your loved one; unfortunately you can’t literally do that. In that case, give them a heart stuffed with red pepper to start the night with a subtle kick. Click here for the full recipe.

Bruschetta with strawberry balsamic chutney and goat cheese

strawberry balsamic chutney and goat cheese bruschetta
Photo credit: Rock Recipes

For something sweet and savoury, try this bruschetta with strawberries and goat cheese. The burst of flavours will give them a pleasant surprise. Besides, this is an extremely easy dish to make! Interested? Get the recipe here.

Cheesy hearts with roasted red pepper pesto

mozarella cheese-filled hearts with roasted red pepper pesto
Photo credit: Hungry Happenings

This is the ideal appetiser if your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is a fan of Italian cuisine. This pizza-inspired appetiser uses simple and inexpensive ingredients, yet the outcome tastes so luxurious! Get the recipe here.


Ribs with garlic herb butter

herb garlic butter ribs with asparagus and mashed potatoes
Photo credit: Buzzfeed

This is the go-to entrée if your partner is someone who likes a hearty and meaty meal. You can never go wrong with beef ribs. It may seem difficult, but it’s all in the heat and cooking time. A simple sauce will do for this dish as the herb garlic butter will bring out the best of the ribs. Get cookin’ with the recipe here.

French onion skillet chicken

french onion skillet chicken
Photo credit: The Cozy Apron

This chicken dish with caramelised onions and melted cheese sounds like the ultimate comfort food, yet it’s so filling and nourishing. Plate it with some garlic mashed potatoes and it’s ready to be served! Try the recipe here.

Spinach and tomato tortellini

spinach tomato tortellini
Photo credit: Cooking Classy

This is for the pasta lovers and those who prefer a light yet filling main dish. There’s nothing we love more than a rich creamy tomato sauce, made more nutritious with some spinach. Prepare this scrumptious meal with the recipe here.


Strawberry oasis pie

strawberry oasis pie
Photo credit: Love & Olive Oil

No better way to finish off the night with something deliciously sinful as chocolate and strawberry. This recipe is really simple: you just need to pour the chocolate filling onto a self-made crust with strawberries. Chill it for about five hours and you have a lovely dessert!

Red velvet bites

red velvet cake bites
Photo credit: Six Sisters’ Stuff

Perhaps your partner is not a fan of strawberries, but more of chocolate. You can try out this red velvet bites recipe, which are mini red velvet cakes coated in white chocolate.

Amaretto truffles

amaretto truffles
Photo credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen

These are truffles made from chocolate, amaretto, and beetroot – so you can say that it’s kinda healthy, yet super tasty! You can opt to go easy on the amaretto by reducing the amount of liqueur to about 30ml. The pinkish powder is made from dried beetroot, which goes really well with the chocolate. Get the full recipe here.

If you’re interested in having a home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner but not sure where to start, you can check out Kaodim’s cooking classes. Just fill up the form and let us know the skills or dishes you want to learn, we’ll then send you free quotations for you to choose a class to start. Or if you’re really short on time but still want a fancy homecooked meal anyway, hire our talented caterers and pastry chefs to whip up some romantic meals for you and your Valentine!


written by Esther Chung