8 Quick Cleaning Tips You Can Do At Home

With a busy working schedule, our cleaning up time is usually reserved for after coming home from work and more often than not, it’s no fun at all. Where to start? What to pick up first? Should you vacuum or sweep the floor first?

Though we all can’t move like The Flash at lightning speedwith some clever tips of knowing what chores to do first and how to do them in the right order, you can be a super-quick cleaning hero in your house! Here are 8 speed-cleaning tips to keep your home clean and tidy during the week:

#1. Remember To Stay Focus

Before you begin any house cleaning, tell yourself to stay focus during your mission to clean the house. We all have weaknesses – it’s easy to get distracted and end up wasting time by looking at an old magazine you’ve found under the bed, some scattered photos on the table or even with the TV turned on in the background!

If this happens, stop and remind yourself that you can always come back those things later. Make a to-do checklist to help you stay focus. Remember, your number one priority is to tidy your house first so you can have a clutter-free and comfortable environment to relax in and watch your favourite drama!

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#2. Clear The Floor Before Sweeping or Mopping

Before you sweep or mop your floors, have a quick look if there are any items scattered on the floor. Pick them up and put them aside in a box.

This way you don’t have to repeatedly bend over to pick up all the unwanted and obstructive items as you sweep or mop the floor, which will slow you down. With a clear floor, sweeping and mopping can be a smooth cleaning process!

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#3. Use A Damp Cloth To Wipe Off Dust

Instead of using a duster which only pushes dust around, use a damp cloth to wipe up the dust on your leather sofa, tables, chairs, cabinets and countertops.

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#4. Use A Basket or Box To Speed Up Cleaning

Get an empty basket or storage box to temporarily put away random things like clothes, remote controls, books or your kid’s toys that are lying around on the bed or scattered on the floor. With the mix bag of clutter out of the way, you can focus first on making the bed and cleaning the living room furniture.

You can either sort the clutter out later or use the basket as a permanent storage to keep them.

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#5. Add Vinegar For Extra Window Cleaning Power

By adding a bit of vinegar into your bucket of warm water, you’ll spend less time cleaning over the same spot on your window. Vinegar is a very effective cleaning agent against tough grime and stains.

After cleaning with your vinegar-water mixture, rinse the windows using a separate sponge or a clean cloth soaked with clean water.

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#6. Clean Your Bathroom As You Go

When you’re in the bathroom for a shower or to brush your teeth, take a few minutes to clean the shower area or sink as well – this will save you more time compared to your attempt to clean every room in the house all at the same time.

To clean your toilet bowl, squirt some toilet bowl cleaner or disinfectant liquid and let it sit there while you take your shower. When you’re done showering, give the toilet bowl a good scrub with a toilet brush and flush before you leave the bathroom – you can do the same with your sink.

#7. Decide What Items You Can Get Rid Of

The more things you have, the more time you’ll spend clearing them up. So, maybe it’s time to sort out some items that you don’t need anymore. Once you have gotten all the things in your house organised, it will not only look cleaner but you’ll actually discover some extra space that was previously taken up by all the clutter.

Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year or that don’t fit anymore. To make it easier, sort out one cabinet per day as part of your cleaning plan.

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#8. Get Your Kids To Help Clear Their Mess

Make cleaning the house a team-effort! Train your children to pick up after themselves and teach them to put their toys, crafts and books into baskets, so they would know where everything should go the next time they need to clean up.

Why not make them feel included in the cleaning effort by doing their clean up at the same time as yours?

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Another quick and effective way to get your house clean when you’re busy is to hire a part-time maid or a professional cleaning services company. You can trust that they have the right experience and cleaning tools to get the job done.

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