8 Marble Bathrooms that Ooze Elegance

Marble is a royal material, it’s elegant and expensive. Due to its refined look and durability, it’s the best and most exquisite material for bathroom design. Over the years, marble has become a favored choice among the more opulent throughout the years.

Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never thought matched, but also with a fascinating suite of different types of marble cut and shaped into a myriad of modern designs. Usually, wood and stone are used with a variety of marble tones and types. Marble is usually used to make a minimalist bathroom but designers can create exquisite and refined décor in vintage style too. Elegant bathroom fixtures and some old-school touches make marble shine and look even more elegant. We have selected 8 marble bathrooms that ooze elegance. Have a look at our pick below and enjoy!

1. All-marble bathroom design

All-marble bathroom design – a spacious and luxurious place where privacy is highly valued. A skylight ensures natural light floods the bathtub while the marble seems to capture a still moment of sophistication. Choose light-colored marble for a pristine and airy look. The lone bathroom mirror ensures plenty of room to admire yourself in the privacy of a stunning modern bathroom. You could opt for a floor to ceiling mirror for a greater dramatic effect.


2. Veined marble

Richly-veined marble in the bathroom can split the space like an artistic statement. The cleverly placed mirror creates an infinite room illusion while the faux animal skull complements the veined marbles, maintaining an atmosphere of the outdoors yet remaining elegant.

Veined marbles add an aura of mystique
Veined marbles add an aura of mystique

3. Coloured marble

Shades of blue remind us all of water and calmness, and this is no more apparent than in the lovely bathroom. The coloured marble floor and walls in the bathroom offer simplicity and elegance in design.


4. Warm colors for small bathroom

Warm colors also have a place in bathrooms. By putting up earth-colored tiles, you can create an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness, right in your bathroom. A tranquil marble bathroom doesn’t need to be spacious to look luxurious. You can make the most of your bathroom layout by placing the bathtub and shower close together. Discuss your ideas and needs with an interior designer or renovation contractor today. It’s amazing how this material can enhance relaxation and tranquility!

Warm coloured marbles add a cosy and homely feel to your bathroom
Warm coloured marbles add a cosy and homely feel to your bathroom


5. Combine marble and concrete

A mix of concrete and marble targets a modern, dramatic and industrial feeling. With this kind of setting, it is important to allow natural sunlight into the bathroom. Because of the nature of marble and concrete, the sunlight reveals details otherwise hidden behind artificial lighting during the day. This concrete and marble bathroom stands as proof that two cold materials can create an inviting setting.


6. Marble as a focal point

This stylish marble bathroom has a set of rounded design lines set against a white marble backdrop. This design makes use of a primary marble wall and with it, the depth of the bathroom is visually enchanced while the marble wall serves to be the focal point of the bathroom. With a little bit of strategically placed lighting, the effect of design is enhanced and a cozy atmosphere emerges.

Marble wall as the bathroom focal point
Marble wall as the bathroom focal point

7.  Create contrast with dark and light colored marble

Luxury marble design can mean a fantastic blend of black and white coloured marble. In the picture below, A light colored marble wall forms the background for a marble bathtub, illuminating the space surrounded by black marble walls. It looks surreal yet elegant– imagine yourself immersed in warm water, with flower petals gently dotting the foamy water – what a dream setting!

Black and white never go out of style.
Black and white never go out of style.

8. Pair marble and wood

Another example of a luxurious bathroom dressed in marble and wood comes to shine light on your decisions. Wood bathroom shelves tucked in marble niches does not only serve an aesthetic purpose; you can use them for your toiletry and for accessories such as flowers and decorations to help brighten up the space. Large windows help illuminate the space, while the altitude of the apartment allows full transparency.

Combining wood and marble evokes a clean and refreshing look.

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