8 Of The Greatest World Cup Moments

Football fever is upon us and with RTM broadcasting live matches throughout the season, you don’t really have an excuse to miss out on the action.  While we wait for the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match to kickstart the 21st FIFA World Cup, here are just some of the best football moments of World Cups past:

1. The Team Goal

1 The Team Goal
Image Credit: Sports Illustrated


We remember stellar performers and individual feats, but football is ultimately a team sport. In the 9th FIFA World Cup match that pitted Brazil against Italy, the Brazilian team showed amazing coordination and teamwork to undermine Italy’s defence and allow Carlos Alberto to score for the team – a team goal arguably considered the greatest ever scored.


1 The Team Goal 2
Image Credit: Imgur

2. The Best Save

2 The Best Save
Image Credit: The Sentinel


In the very same World Cup, Gordon Banks of team England made a remarkable save against Brazil’s Pele. While critics would scrutinise the technical aspects of the save, what matters was that Pele didn’t score, and Banks himself had no clue how he actually did it.


2 The Best Save
Image Credit: FourFourTwo

3. Bewildering Own Goal

3 Bewildering Own Goal
Image Credit: CNN Sport


In a game where every score counts, own goals are particularly devastating. And somewhat hilarious especially when the players themselves refuse to believe what just happened. This was the case in the 2010 Netherlands vs Denmark match, when Danish Simon Poulsen and Daniel Agger’s joint effort resulted in a bewildering own goal.

4. The Glorious Celebration

4 Glorious Celebration
Image Credit: Sporting News


When a team scores a goal, everyone celebrates. That is, of course, if you’re on the opposing team. A memorably cheeky pose was pulled by Danish midfielder Brian Laudrup of in his team’s 1998 match against Brazil after scoring a goal.



4 Glorious Celebration
Image Credit: Pinterest


5. The Worst Behaviour

5 The Worst Behaviour 2
Image Credit: The18


Tensions are high and emotions run red on the pitch, so much so that otherwise professionals will behave badly and earn themselves the dreaded Red Card. There’s biting and kicking, spitting and hitting, and then there’s France’s Zinedine Zidane’s unforgettable 2006 headbutt against Italy’s Marco Materazzi. The iconic move inspired many memes, spoofs, and parody songs.


5 The Worst Behaviour
Image Credit: Gfycat


6. … What Just Happened?


6 What Just Happened
Image Credit: YouTube

There’s funny and amazing, and then there’s inexplicable. In the 1982, the Kuwait vs France was in full swing when suddenly the Kuwaiti team just… stopped playing. The French team were equally bewildered but took the opportunity to score. Allegedly, the Kuwaiti team had heard the referee blow his whistle to stop the match. No whistles were blown and the goal was allowed, and to further the bewilderment the Kuwaiti team walked off the pitch in protest.

7. The Scrappy Underdog

7 The Scrappy Underdog
Image Credit: These Football Times


Everybody loves an underdog, and Cameroon’s humble 1990 team is certainly regarded as one of the greatest stories of the little guy trying hard to make it big. The team, made up of French premier league players and Roger Milla, a then retired 38-year-old retired international player who inspired the team with goals and outrageous celebrations. The team managed to beat leading team Argentina and made it all the way to the quarter-finals – the furthest any African team had gone – before being narrowly beaten by team England.

8. The Pitch Invader

The 2014 World Cup finals pitted Germany against Argentina… and Russian YouTube-famous prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. With his shirt hiked up and ‘Natural Born Prankster’  scrawled on his body, Zdorovetskiy streak across the pitch during the 2nd half of the game, blowing kisses at the audience and attempting to accost German defender Benedikt Howedes.  


8 The Pitch Invader
Image Credit: Buzzfeed


The broadcast was briefly interrupted, treating viewers with an impressive view of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue while the pitch invader was dealt with, so chances are you really did miss it. Zdorovetskiy was eventually rugby-tackled by authorities and detained.

There’ll be many more glorious blunders, amazing feats, and wacky moments in the upcoming World Cup – and plenty of Raya leftovers to feast on while you watch and cheer on your team. And if you want to make it a large viewing affair, get in touch with a professional event planner on Kaodim today!