8 Great Looking Malaysian Hotel Bedrooms You Can Copy

Often you wished your own bedroom looked as good as some hotel rooms you’ve stayed in.

It’s not that difficult to achieve the same look as many top hotels.  With the help of a renovation contractor you can transform your bedroom to rival some of the finest hotels in the world.

We’ve picked out some of the coolest looking bedrooms from retreats and resorts in Malaysia.  Take these truly Malaysian designs to your contractor and get started on creating your perfect bedroom.

1. Macalister Mansion, Penang

macalister mansion

  • Stick to 2 colours- Sanded birch + grey
  • Giant piece of glass to divide the room
  • Intelligently placed spot lighting around the sides of the ceiling
  • Wide planks of wood for the floor

2. The Lone Pine, Penang


  • Dark parquet floor is a favourite among Malaysians.
  • Match with white shutters to bring out that colonial charm.
  • Inject modernity by keeping the bedframe low to the ground and headboard simple.

3. The Danna, Langkawi


Portray magnificence:

  • Plaster ceilings, carpets with a traditional motif
  • High bedframe with giant unnecessary poles.
  • Headboards decorated with pewter and heavy curtains.

4. Sekeping Tenggiri , Bangsar

sekeping tenggiri

  • A stark contrast to the grandiose appearance of the Danna, go minimalist and back to nature
  • Must have raw brick and distressed wood.
  • In fact why not distress everything.  Smash up your plaster ceiling walls, rip out any tiling, sandpaper everything.
  • Detest plastering, tiling or anything decorative

5. Sekeping Something else (there’re too many)

sekeping terasek

  • Evolve to slightly appreciate some level of plastering and refinement
  • Add black door frames for sophistication and give your cement a polished, chalkier look.

6. Villa Samadhi, KL

villa samadhi

  • Lacquer everything.
  • Well placed spot lighting
  • Well polished cement floors
  • Dark wood tones

7. The Taaras, Langkawi

the taaras

  • Merge your bathroom and your bedroom- start by removing any doors and use the same material for the floors throughout both rooms.
  • Use real wood.  Laminate won’t cut it.

8. Capsule, by Container Hotel, KLIA2

container hotel

  • It’s fashionable to sleep and live in containers.
  • Figure out how to bring in giant pieces of container into your home then build bedrooms inside them

Get your renovation contractor to follow these looks for your next house renovation project.  To achieve these looks and your other home renovation needs Kaodim, will be able to help you obtain prices for labour and material from multiple contractors in Malaysia.