8 Easy Tips To Save Water At Home

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Is getting your monthly water bill like having a heart attack delivered to you on paper? Scratching your head wondering why on earth is your bill so high? It’s time for some changes. Rally your troops (by this, I mean your children or roommates) and execute a water saving strategy. This also helps you educate your children on being conscious and appreciative of our resources, which is a good mindset to have!


Below are 10 water saving tips for you. Before you get started on a new month however, take note of your usage in last month’s bill so that you can measure your savings at the end of the month.

1. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

Source: Linkedin
Source: Linkedin

This might sound trivial but did you know that this simple action saves 6 litres of water per minute? Most of us aren’t conscious about our actions but letting the water run is wasteful.

2. Take short showers and say no to baths 

As relaxing as a long shower can be, an unnecessarily long one results in a lot of water literally going down the drain. Perhaps sitting in your garden with a limau ais is a better and less wasteful alternative for inner peace? Also, showers are better than baths in that sense. A full bathtub takes up to more than 260 litres of water! You can also turn the water off when soaping.

3. Wash dishes smartly

Source: popsugar.com.au

People usually keep the tap running while washing dishes that are greasy and slimy. Consider this method that will save you some water while making sure your dishes comes out squeaky clean: 1) fill one basin with water and detergent (you can add hot water to be more effective). Use this basin to clean the dirty dishes. 2) fill the second basin with just water and use this to rinse after soaping them.

4. Wait for full loads before using your washing machine

This will take some coordinated effort in your household as it’s easy for people to just throw their dirty clothes in whenever they please (or run out of clean socks) regardless of how full or empty the washing machine is. To save water and electricity, discuss a system to optimize the use. But if you really have to wash just a few pieces of clothing on their own because you don’t want to mix your son’s mud-stained football clothes with others, adjust the water level on your machine.

5. Water plants with care


It’s easy to over-water your plants, which wastes water and damages your plant. Look online to see how much water your specific plants actually need. Unknown to many, the habit of daily watering doesn’t work for plants that only need water once every few days. If you use a water sprinkler, make sure it’s not just left to run on forever while you are totally immersed in your Hong Kong TVB series. Even better, use a watering can instead of the garden hose. And when it rains, just accept the gift from our skies.

6. Collect rain water

Speaking of gifts from our skies, set out a few empty buckets in your garden and collect water when it rains. Hey, it’s free! Use this water for your plants, your car, for washing your feet outdoors, etc.

7. Handwash your car with a bucket

Source: Pinterest

If you’re one of those lazy people who just stand there with a hose spraying water on your car for a long time, know that you’re wasting a lot of water while not washing your car effectively. The best way is to use only a bucket of water, soap and a sponge to tackle the task. Then only at the end do you finish it with a spray-over to remove the soap.

8. Check your bill and check for leaks

Lastly, in addition to cutting down the use of water in your daily activities, it’ll be smart to check your water bill every month to spot inconsistencies and get an idea when the high costs occur. Check your water meter to make sure it is consistent with what’s recorded on your bills.

Source: Pinterest

If you notice an unusually high amount of use and don’t think it’s because of household use, get help from one of our reliable plumbers at Kaodim. They might be able to help you check for leaks in places you might not know or even think about.