8 “Coolest” Air Con Ads From The 50s & 60s

The Chinese New Year heat wave is sweeping across town! If you’re staying in cause it’s too hot to roam out, check out these vintage advertisements for air conditioners in the 40s, 50s, and 60s (preferably while consuming ice-cream in a comfortably chilled air-conditioned room)


1.  1948 YORK “Cold Magic … in Packages”

1948 YORK "Cold Magic ... in Packages"
— York Refrigeration and Air Conditioning … York Frozen Food Cabinet … Yorkaire Room Conditioner … Yorkaire Conditioner … York Automatic Ice Maker … York Flakice Machine —


What We Think:

Would you just look at that Mad Men senior executive giving out cool instructions to that demure secretary with the perfect coiffed hair. Don Draper probably styled this ad himself.


2.  1954 RCA AIR CONDITIONER “Moves The Air”

1954 RCA AIR CONDITIONER "Moves The Air"
– Gently — gently — Moves The Air … RCA Air Conditioner … Radio Corporation of America –


What We Think:

That cat’s face is a mixture of “I am not amused” and “I have no idea what I am doing”.

3.  1954 CARRIER CORPORATION “The New Silhouette”

1954 CARRIER CORPORATION "The New Silhouette"
– The New Silhouette Room Air Conditioner … Built By The People Who Know Air Conditioning Best. Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, New York –


What We Think:

“The New Silhouette” – Oh I see, that’s why there are two impeccably dressed ladies thoughtfully admiring and/or marveling at the wonder that is the air conditioning unit. Are women in the 50s decked up in elegant dinner wear 24/7?


4.  1957 FRIGIDAIRE “What a Dream”

1957 FRIGIDAIRE "What a Dream"
– What a Dream of a room air conditioner! Enjoy this Dream plus quiet, clean, healthful living in every room! Full-Home Conditioners … made by Frigidaire –


What We Think:

I don’t think your air-conditioner is working properly if you’re dreaming of tropical coconut trees while sleeping in a supposedly chilled room.


5.  1961 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONER “Don’t Cool An Empty House”

1961 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONER "Don't Cool An Empty House"
– Don’t Cool An Empty House! Don’t Come Home To A Hot One! Fedders Clock-Timer “Knows” When You’ll Be Home … Starts Cooling Automatically Before You Get There! … Fedders has a Climatimer model for every room … Model 12D-2TF –

What We Think:

Good job Fedders for proposing sustainable electricity usage early on in the 60s. Nowadays, we have NEST thermostats for that. So what we are really looking at is the grandfather of The Internet of Things. Respect.


6.  1961 CARRIER AIR CONDITIONER “a child’s comfort”


1961 CARRIER AIR CONDITIONER "a child's comfort"
– How much is a child’s comfort worth? On hot, humid nights, cool comfort for a child is almost priceless. And for her family, too. … Carrier Air Conditioning Company –


What We Think:

  • Sleeping adorable, innocent child – Check
  • Sleeping with one side of his or her chubby cheeks in full view — Check
  • Comfort plush toy hugged closely – Check
  • Tug-at-heartstrings tagline – Check

I mean, “How much is your child’s comfort worth?” Shut up and take my money! Projected sales are through the roof guys!




– Don’t buy this new G-E Fashionette air conditioner because the case will never rust or stain your house. Buy it because it will look as good from your neighbor’s side as yours. The Duramold outer case is made of tough G-E Lexan that’s beautiful and virtually impervious to weather. –


What We Think:

“Don’t buy”? – Ah yes, the classic reverse Jedi mind trick rears its head.

“Buy because it will look as good from your neighbor’s side as yours” – Gee, that’s delightfully thoughtful.

Gone were the days where the compressor and cooling unit were attached together front and rear, and people had to awkwardly install it sticking out the window on one end and jutting out the living room in the other. Then again, did people really care about their neighbours’ aesthetic appreciations in a heat wave?


8.  1968 WHIRLPOOL “The Panic Button”

1968 WHIRLPOOL "The Panic Button"
– A normal air conditioner has two buttons: the low button and the high button. This Whirlpool, however, has three: the night button, the normal button and The Panic Button. –


What We Think:

“The Panic Button” With a title like that, isn’t this ad reminiscent of those Goosebumps horror story covers? Anyone?

If anyone deserves a panic button, it’s that unfortunate soul in the ad caught in a torrid affair. Any hotter and his tongue is going to be hanging out.


There you have it! 8 vintage ads featuring air-conditioners. Back then an air-conditioner was a technological marvel. It also had a loud whirring sound, and for some reason was brown in color. Our modern day eco-friendly, reflective panel unit with built-in ionizer has certainly come a long way.

Nevertheless, every once in a while, do remember to perform an air cond service (or else, you will be paying more for an air con repair when it goes!). Take good care of it by hiring Kaodim’s aircon repair experts to service it and it’ll last you a long time.