8 House Cleaning Mistakes You Frequently Make

We all are guilty of a handful of these house cleaning mistakes. Admit it!

These mistakes may not seen very obvious to most of us, but nonetheless they are mistakes.  These mistakes are common and if you’re aware of it now, you can make a quick adjustment to see if it makes any difference

Mistake #1:  Doing it all at once in one day

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Most of us are guilty of this. We like to reserve a day of the week as our cleaning day. Whether we do the cleaning by ourselves or as a family, we tend to leave all our cleaning chores for this day, the living room, kitchen, the toilets,  the car, everything.

What is wrong with this method?

We get tired as we work. We move from one chore to another, the amount of energy and enthusiasm we have left for the cleaning reduces. The amount of effort you might have put into cleaning your childs room may not be same when you’ve moved to cleaning your own room.

As we start to tire out it becomes obvious in our cleaning. So you should try not to do all your cleaning in one day.  Instead clean in bite sizes.  For example allocate 10 minutes a day for the toilet, half an hour for the living room and kitchen every alternative day.  This way you conserve energy and time.  You also have lots of flexibility in being able to schedule your activities around cleaning.

Mistake #2: Scrubbing isnt always the solutionscrubbing-the-carpet

Food stain? Scrub it!

Coffee Spill? Scrub it!

Floor stains? Scrub it!

All clean? Scrub anyway!

Scrubbing seems to be the most obvious answer to any cleaning problem. Regardless of  what the source of the stain is or what the material of the affected area is, we scrub anyway.

We put all our muscles into trying to scrub the stain only to realize that we made it worse.  For some stains, leaving the right cleaning product on them to rest for a few minutes is the best way to remove them.  There are different solutions and different methods for different types of stains; sofa cleaning and leather cleaning would require different materials and different ways to clean them.

Mistake #3. Cleaning windows on a hot & sunny day


This is one mistake that many of us may know but choose to do it anyway, simply because we love the sight of looking out to a sunny day through the clean and clear window glass.

What is wrong with this you ask? Well the heat from the sunlight causes the soap to dry up on the glass and scrubbing this dried up soap can be damaging to the glass in the long-run, and if you take a good second look you can see some soap residue after the wash dries up.

res_window_cleaning5  So unless you use a window scrub like the one in the pic, do your windows on a less sunny day.

Mistake #4. Thinking every cleaner is a disinfectant


This doesn’t mean we use dishwasher liquid as a hand sanitiser

Areas such as the sinks, in toilets/kitchen are prone to a lot of bacteria and giving them a good scrub with your cleaning product may leave them shining like new but not necessarily rid off all the germs.

So It is still suggested that you use a separate senitized or disinfectant after your normal cleaning to properly disinfect the areas.

Mistake #5. Using the wrong tool for the job


We often sacrifice time, effort and money on cleaning something only to be left unsatisfied with the end results and many a times this happens due to the use of wrong tools for the job.

The wrong tool being used will not only give unsatisfactory results but will also have damaging effects.  For example, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t work too well grass.

How often have you had to buy new pans because the ones you bought last month now look like they have been used since the last decade? Have you ever wondered that maybe it’s because of the way it’s being cleaned and not because the product was of inferior quality?

Try using a sponge or plastic material scrub on these pans rather than a metal scrub. When cooking on them, use wooden utensils. Metals will affect the non-stick layer on these pans.

Mistake #6: More Is Not Always Better


Perhaps the saying,” The more, the merrier!” does not apply to every situation.

Just because pouring more of the cleaner is going to make it more foamy does not necessarily mean its cleaning ability is going to increase too.

Mistake #7: Mixing Products


We all love to have our little ‘mad-scientist’ moments, takes you back to the chemistry lab days. You can mix all the cleaning products you want and watch them bubble-up and change colour but that is all you are going to get.

No magic potion here!

But if you are lucky, your new mixture might still have some cleaning abilities left.

Mistake #8: Failing To Read Instructions


When was the last time you turned a product around to read its instructions? You could have the best tools required and the most expensive products needed but if you are not aware of the right usage, you will not be able to achieve the best possible results.  The labels will teach you how to effectively use the products.

There is more to the labels and instructions than “Keep out of reach of children”.

Mistake #9: Not Using Kaodim


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So there you have it, some of the most common cleaning mistakes everyone is making.

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