5 Useful Home Appliance Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Electrical home appliances are part of modern life and it has definitely changed the way we do things. Products like washing machines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens and more have made life easier and more efficient.

We save time and life is generally more comfortable. However, there are certain things we need to know about handling these appliances in order to ensure that they’re well maintained and don’t pose any danger in the home.

1. Cleaning Dryers

The lint filters in dryers must be cleaned out after every cycle and you should examine the entire dryer so that no lint is left inside. A buildup of lint can function as an accelerent in case of a fire. Your dryers should also be serviced regularly to ensure that the thermostat control is working well so as to prevent overheating.

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2. Microwave Doors

It’s important to never use a microwave anymore if the door is damaged and can’t be closed properly. A closed microwave door is important in ensuring that the waves don’t escape and heat any neighboring items. Observe the regulations of not heating any type of metal as it may catch fire.

Whole eggs and large volumes of liquid shouldn’t be heated in a microwave either as they may explode (even after being taken out) and cause burns. If you must heat a liquid, be sure to do it in short periods of one minute or less and stirring after each round.

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3. Dangerous Toasters

You should never leave a toaster unattended for long periods, and should always watch it while it’s toasting your bread. Never spread anything like jam, butter, cheese or the like on your toast before toasting as these can drip onto the heating element and catch fire.

Under no circumstances should you stick a spoon or fork into the toaster to dig out bread that may be stuck as this can lead to electrocution. If you must remove stuck bread, turn off the power and use a non-metallic instrument.

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4. Air Conditioning Safety

Air conditioning units are best turned on for not more than one or two hours at a time, although many people keep them turned on throughout the night. If you have to keep your air-conditioning switched on throughout the day, ensure that they’re not left unattended, and turn them off when you leave the house.

Air conditioners are most energy efficient in the ‘dry’ mode as the air will be easier to cool down. Also, switching off the air conditioners after a few hours will save your electricity bill and still keep the room cool enough. Just use the timer system to turn off the AC automatically if you’re sleeping.

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5. Care for Electric Fans

Although newer electric fans don’t usually overheat, it would be wise not to leave them on when you’re out of the house. Older fans of any kind that are more than 20 years old should be replaced and any form unusual noise or smells should be taken note of and a professional handyman consulted.

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One key tip while dealing with appliances of any kind is to ensure that the electrical plug is in pristine condition and not frayed, as this can cause electrocution or even heat up and cause a fire. If you would like any of your appliances checked, just contact our home repair and maintenance professionals and receive free quotes so you can compare profiles and reviews before making an informed decision to hire. 

written by Michelle Chee