7 Tips For Better Photography With Your Smartphone

Picture this:

You’re at a fancy restaurant and your main arrives. It’s a work of art to say the least. You take out your smartphone to snap a picture of it so you can share it with your friend with the clever message, “I’m dining in heaven!”.


Your meal, suddenly looks quite the opposite of “heavenly”.

Everyone wants to be able to take good photos but not everyone has the time or money to invest into professional gear. So make do with what you have and make it work! Here are some tips to help you take better photos that your friends can finally ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over.

Tip #1: Natural Light is King

If given a choice, always opt for natural light. Keep in mind the direction of the sunlight and make sure your subject is facing it. Should the sun be shining from the back of your subject, all you’ll get is a dark, “what-on-earth-was-this?” image.

Tip #2: Crop, Don’t Zoom

Picture credit: popphoto.com
Picture credit: popphoto.com

When photographing a subject further off into the distance, it’s good practice to take the scene in its entirety before proceeding to crop the image to bring focus to your subject matter. Zooming in will result in a grainy photo.


Tip #3: Don’t Use Flash In Low-light Environments

Picture credit: popphoto.com
Picture credit: popphoto.com

Let’s just come right out and say it. A smartphone’s camera flash is just a glorified LED flashlight. Use flash, and your subjects will just look sickly with demon-red eyes. Not a pretty picture. If you need to take a photo in the dark, then try looking around for alternative light sources instead. You most likely won’t end up with a winning photo still, but you may get an interesting a.k.a artsy effect.

Tip #4: The Lens Flare

Picture credit: popphoto.com
Picture credit: popphoto.com

It’s an easy yet totally cool effect that works really well on scenic photos and will make the folks at Nat Geo weep with joy. If that’s not your thing, then pose like a superstar and get someone snap the “spotlight” shining down on you. Whatever rocks your boat.

Tip #5: Experiment With Positioning

photo (1)

Photographing subjects in the centre can get boring, and fast. Try positioning the subject to the left or to the right of the frame instead to create more visual interest. It’s all about composition.

Tip #6: Simplify The Background

Picture credit: leesamantha.com
Picture credit: leesamantha.com

Let the focus be on the subject. Unnecessary props and objects lying around can cause distraction so if need be, isolate the subject and photograph it against a plain background.


Tip #7: Clean Your Lens

photo (2)

A simple yet probably often forgotten practice. Use a soft cloth to wipe the lens every once in a while to remove any grime, dust or dirt. You may not be able to see the dirt with your naked eye, but it does make a difference to the final outcome.

There you have it! Tips for better everyday photographs on your smartphone.

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