7 Stylish Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

Outdoors or indoors, extravagant use of glass has become an inherent part of modern-contemporary interior design and architecture. Depending on their design and how they are positioned, glass windows and doors can enrich buildings by manipulating the dimensions of light and space. You can choose a design that fits your personality and style – coloured stains, intricate frost, chic frames – all in different shapes and sizes.

If you are thinking about doing a home renovation or remodeling your condo, why not get inspired by some stylish ways to incorporate glass into your masterplan:

1. Exterior Glass Walls

A great way to bring the lush Malaysia outdoors indoors – if you do not want to have the glass all around for your windows and wall, choose one section of the house where you can install the glass and still maintain your privacy without eyes prying in.

Modern Malaysian Home
Modern Malaysian Home, Source: depot88.com (left) & freshome.com (right)

2. Reuse Factory Window Frames

Trade in your plastic shower doors for this sleek industrial look. Ask your carpenter or contractor if they know where to source for these type of frames from leftover renovations and old buildings.

Source: shelterness.com

3. Create Chic Archways

Whether they are closed or opened, these glass doors make a stylish entry into the next room. Minimalist frames with most of the glass exposed make all the difference!

Source: laceandtea.com
Source: design-milk.com

4. Choosing Modern Stains

Modern stained glass designs balance colour and transparency, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming when you enter a room. These art pieces usually require custom design and fitting – it’s a creative process that’s between you and your interior designer or window maker.

Source: scottishstainedglass.com

If you want the visual effect without breaking the bank, opt for a ‘stained glass effect film’. For a subtle look, use the film on part of the door, or create a beautiful boarder like the example below.


5. Building In Skylights

When strategically placed, these stunning architectural element will illuminate your home with the sunny sky or starry night. Use a stained glass for a hint of trendy.

Size does matter and another fashion trend for homes are small skylights. They can be placed in between structural sections to accent either your ceiling or the top of your walls.

Source: oddstuffmagazine.com
Source: oddstuffmagazine.com

6. Going Conservatory

Conservatories are very popular in western countries serving as extensions in homes, but not so much here in Malaysia. They still look impressive though and you the best thing about them is that you can be outdoors come rain or shine – so why not have them?

Using folding ceiling-to-floor glass doors will enable you to switch from patio to conservatory mode, so you can have the best of both worlds. Another idea is to create your own private getaway if you have a large balcony or rooftop space that is seldom used – for privacy, installing some pretty pull down blinders would do the trick!

Source: greenhomedesigns.com

7. Use As Room Partitions Or Dividers

There’s a variety of design to choose from – partitions or room dividers can be installed almost anywhere in the house. Frosted or stained glass designs can refresh a minimalistic decor. Or get bold with and different with a curved glass design!

Source: Autodesk, Inc.

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