7 Steps to Create a Spa Sanctuary at Home

Malaysia, a haven for vacationers seeking respite from their stressful urban lives is also home to award-winning spa retreats that have lured high-end travelers to our shores. Nothing beats a weekend of therapeutic massages and unwinding in a tub of bubbles surrounded by fresh flowers, candlelight and a glass of Pinot Noir in hand.

Yes, yes that’s all very nice but what if we can’t get away? What if your 12 year-old has violin lessons, badminton training, science tuition, Taekwondo practice, a class project, and preparations for final exams all weekend?

Do not despair, the Kaodim team is here to help. If you can’t physically transport yourself to a spa retreat, why don’t you transform your master bathroom into one? Here are 7 easy steps for you to create your own serene spa sanctuary at home for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

1. De-Clutter & Re-Organise

The first step to creating a spa-like atmosphere is to create an environment that feels like one. Clutter is one of the top reasons to detract from a relaxing space as it affects the tranquility of a room.

Organise Spa

Stow unnecessary items in your drawers and cabinets. Fold all linens neatly inside shelves; drape the ones you are using neatly on racks. For essentials that you want to leave out, organise them on trays, in baskets or mason jars for a tidier look that also double as decorative items. If your cheap plastic dustbin does not fit into this spa look you’re trying to create, replace it.

If there is space, add a little stool or a plush chair — they make the space look more inviting in addition to being useful for placing towels and toiletries.

Source: decorpad.com

2. Upgrade Towels & Rugs

If there is one thing you should splurge on, make it towels! How many times have you gone to a luxury hotel or spa and just held their towel to your face because it just feels so damn good? So why must your towels and rugs at home be anything less than superior? Choose soft, fluffy towels or rugs that are also highly absorbent. Go for colours that complement those in your bathroom.

Spa Towel & Rug


3. Light Candles & Introduce Aromatic Scents

Your transformation would not be complete without candles, whether they’re lit and flickering away in a warm glow, or just sitting there looking pretty. You can place beeswax candles in teacup saucers and scatter them around the tub or vanity. Wood or stone candle holders add more natural aesthetics to your room.

Source: purehome.com

Now that your candles are emitting a welcoming glow, the next step is to fill your space with aromatic scents that relaxes the weary soul. You can use scented-candles, diffusers and natural aromatherapy oils.  Rose, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and vanilla are popular scents used for relaxing.

Source: ana-rosa.tumblr.com

4. Repaint with Soothing Colours

This will require more work than #1 – 3 but it will be worth it. You don’t know it yet but the colours in a room have a great impact on influencing how you feel in it. Bathrooms should come in colours that soothe you.

Source: homebunch.com

Light, clean and bright colours like the one above might do the trick. Blue is always a popular choice because of, you guessed it, the association with water.

Source: worldarchitecturenews.com

This colour tone above would also work for fans of neutrals.

If you need help, consult one of Kaodim’s painting contractors in the Klang Valley, Penang or Johor to get the job done easily.

5. Replace Your Showerheads

For those without bathtubs in their homes, you can still create your personal spa simply by rethinking your showerhead. There are many options for showerheads that are designed for relaxation purposes, delivering a variety of water pressure to suit your preferences. They can rain on you from the top (think rainforest) or they can shoot jets of water from the front, back, sideways. You’d be amazed by the variety of showerheads on the market these days. Talk to Kaodim’s contractors, especially the ones who specialise in bathroom renovations for ideas.

Source: manybidets.com

6. Enhance the Lighting

Lighting is key in the interior design of your personal spa. Both types of natural and installed lights can change the mood of a room. Natural light is a common feature to evoke a day-spa atmosphere. If privacy isn’t an issue where you live, break down parts of your wall and install more windows instead! Otherwise, some clever lighting can still do the trick.

Source: mycraftwork.com

Replace harsh lights with something softer, whether it’s changing the bulb, adding lamp or chandelier fixtures or event by simply lighting some candles can transform your bathroom into a softly glowing retreat. Dimmable lights are awesome.

Source: houzz.com

Our lighting installation experts will be able to share more ideas with you as well.

7. Connecting with Nature

A nature-inspired environment has the ability to set the scene for a truly relaxing experience. Colours like natural hues of green and blue have been proven to influence the reduction of stress.

Take advantage of the nature scene in Malaysia by bringing in some fresh flowers to add some charm in your bathroom’s interior design. Most type of ferns look great in any spot.

Source: decoholic.org

Other popular plants include exotic orchids, Asian bamboo, bird of paradise, as well as bouquets of budding lavender. Use clear glass containers, pitchers, ornate vases or minimalistic holders for your organic plants and place them near the tub, toilet or sink. It will freshen up the space tremendously!


Now what’s left is just to unwind and enjoy the safe sanctuary of your fabulous in-house retreat! It’ll just be a matter of keeping out the other members of your family. Enjoy!

Feeling inspired? Contact Kaodim’s creative interior designers today for more ideas and talk to our professional renovation contractors to find out more details on how to renovate your bathroom.