5 Reasons Why Dusty Rugs Aren’t Good For You

Rugs can really turn a good room great. They’re soft, and they help create a cozy atmosphere. Nothing else can bring comfort to your feet like a good, soft rug. However, rugs are also notorious for trapping dust, dirt and other particles. The longer the hairs on the rugs, the more things it can trap. Rugs will also trap hair from your pets, if you let them indoors.

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Dirty rugs can affect you in various negative ways. Here are some of them:

1. It can cause skin diseases

Dirty rugs can trap fungal spores and bacteria. If you’re walking and sitting on your rug, you may be exposing your feet to these germs. This can lead to diseases like athlete’s foot. Additionally, if you have any peeling skin on your feet, these germs may get in and cause an infection. The bacteria and fungi from the rugs can also infect the skin on the other parts of your body, especially if there is peeling skin anywhere.

2. It can spark off asthma

Small particles trapped in your rugs can be inhaled, and they’re particularly dangerous to those with asthma. Allergens that usually cause an asthma attack include pollen, animal hair, spores, skin cell flakes and many more. They can be sent up into the air when you walk across the rug or sit on it. Once inhaled, they can cause a narrowing of the airways. This is very dangerous for asthma sufferers, who may be deprived of oxygen unless they can get their hands on their inhalers in time.

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3. There can be dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live in cool and dark places. Long haired and shaggy rugs are particularly prone to hosting dust mites. Dust mites themselves can bite you, leaving itchy, red rashes. Additionally, they can leave behind body parts and feces.  If inhaled, these can cause your airways to become irritated, leading to flu-like symptoms, also known as hay fever. You will only get better if you stop being exposed to the mites.

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4. It can trap toxins

This is especially true if you’re living in urban areas where the air pollution is much more serious. Apart from that, there can also be toxins from your household items, like wall paint, cleaning chemicals and gardening chemicals in the home. If you don’t clean the rug, these toxins can be inhaled, and cause long-term effects on your main organs like your liver and lungs. Additionally, there can be carcinogens trapped in your rug as well. Carcinogens are particles that can cause cancer if inhaled into your system.

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5. There can be horrible smells

If some water has been spilled on to your rug, you’ll have to shampoo it and dry it immediately after. Failure to do this may result in a bad odor, which can affect the whole house. This unpleasant smell can cause overall stress to the household inhabitants, leading to poorer overall health.

It isn’t easy cleaning your own rug at home without the proper equipment. Let the experts handle the cleaning of your rugs for a healthier and brighter home.