5 Interior Decoration Trends That Will Take Off in 2018

The new year is here and it’s set to be one that’s truly exciting, interior decorating wise that is. 2018 will see trends that are fresh, new and more organic than ever before. If you plan to redecorate your house this year, it’s important to know what trends are in and what’s not.

These are the interior design trends that are seeing an increased visibility this year. For 2018, it appears that natural, organic and environmentally friendly themes and colours are enjoying a comeback.

1. Hanging Greenery

Here’s a decorating trend that’s easy to carry out, and easy on the wallet too. Filling a side wall with planters is the way to go this year. Installing pot holders or planter holders can be your new DIY project. You don’t have to fill an entire wall, as just one or two rows will do.

Plants add a more relaxing tone to your home, and they’re really good for filtering out toxic gasses to minimize the effects of air pollution.

Photo credit: Home Design Lover

2. Furniture with Soft Rounded Edges

2018 is seeing the emergence of furniture that’s soft and rounded at the edges, most of which are fabric and wood based pieces. This is a departure from previous years where metal based furniture was often seen. This means that you’ll be able to experiment with rounded sofas, leg rests, coffee tables and dining chairs.

Remember to choose furniture pieces with natural upholstery like leather and fabric. Also include rugs and carpets to take the ‘edge’ off the space.

Photo credit: Coveted

3. Plenty of Wood Elements

In keeping with the whole green and environmentally friendly themes, wood appears to be playing a key part in all the interior design trends that are coming up this year. From wooden floors to wood print wallpapers, you can incorporate just a little of it into each space.

Photo credit: Home Designing

4. Pieces That Tell a Story

Interior design is slowly moving away from mass produced pieces of furniture to ones that convey and authentic character. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have an antiques in your home. Instead, choose furniture and decorative elements that are offbeat and truly represent your experiences.

It could be something you saw on your travels, or a piece of furniture from your childhood. A good place to start looking for these authentic pieces are at thrift stores and online pre-loved furniture sites.

Photo credit: Decoist

5. Subtle Dark Hues

Dark colours are making it big in the interior design trends for this upcoming year, as more dark brown, navy blue, black and grey make it into the color scheme. Black is often paired with white, grey, cream or wood grain to create something that’s elegant but not morose.

Decorating in dark colors can be tricky, as you may end up with an overly melancholic room. The key is to balance the dark shades out with lighter tones so that they don’t become overpowering.

Photo credit: Decor Advisor

Redecorating should be something of a regular practice for everyone in order to keep the home looking modern and updated. To get things done right, get in touch with the right renovators and decorators here on Kaodim.

written by Michelle Chee