7 Interesting Myths And Facts About Ramadhan

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Ramadhan is a holy month dedicated to fasting and spiritual reflection. While there are certain restrictions associated with eating habits and behaviours, a string of false assumptions over time has tainted people’s understanding of Ramadhan and caused confusion among many non-Muslims.

So, how much do you actually know about Ramadhan? Take our mini quiz below to find out!

True or False: “All Muslims need to fast during Ramadhan, no matter what.”
That is FALSE. Pregnant women, elderly people, children and those who are sick are not required to fast. If a person has a medical condition like diabetes or other medical needs, he or she is expected to make up the lost time when they are able to.

True or False: “Fasting is bad for your health.”
Once again, that is FALSE. Fasting can actually cure gastric, diabetes and other health-related issues. It’s also a great way to detox! And whatever you do, don’t skip your first meal of the day. It’s important to have a proper breakfast for Sahur before the fasting begins.

True or False: “You should break your fast with cold drinks to refresh your body.”
Nope, that’s totally FALSE. Your first drink after a long day of fasting should not be an ice-cold drink, as the sheer coldness can shock the digestive system.

True or False: “You can swallow your saliva while fasting.”
Thankfully, this is TRUE. It would be terribly unfair to be condemned from swallowing your own saliva. We’re happy to debunk rumours saying that swallowing your saliva breaks the fast. Unlike water, saliva is produced by your body in its own natural process and is not used for the purpose of nourishment.

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True or False: “Fasting during Ramadhan definitely helps you to lose weight.”
Frankly, this is FALSE. Some people gain weight due to an overdose of carbs, fats and sugar during their breakfasts or post-fasting meals.

True or False: “Ramadhan occurs at different times every year.”
Yes, that is TRUE. Ramadhan depends on the Islamic solar calendar, which relies on the phases of the moon. Therefore, Ramadhan does not take place at the same time every year.

True or False: “You can exercise while fasting.”
TRUE! Many people are under the assumption that you should avoid exercising altogether during fasts, but there are some safe, non-dehydrating exercises that you can do to stay fit throughout the season.

If you’d like to try some of these exercises, read our checklist on how to stay fit during Ramadhan. A personal trainer could coach you through your fitness goals to ensure that you’re not exposing your muscles to injuries, while helping you craft an effective meal plan so you’ll achieve your desired body within a short span of time. Visit Kaodim to hire a professional personal trainer, compare prices and review profiles… all for free!

written by Carissa Gan