7 Easy Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

Who likes housework? Like any other chore, cleaning is necessary – but it doesn’t have to be painful. With a little tweak in your routine, you can make cleaning a little more fun.

Try these 7 ways out for size:

1. Get A Plan

Cleaning is an ordeal because of the time and energy you have to put into dealing with the dirt and grime. Even the thought itself can be stressful and overwhelming.

Make the chore more bearable with an organised approach. A cleaning strategy helps streamline the process and cut the time and effort it takes to complete.

2. Make It A Workout

Image Credit: Pixabay

Put all the scrubbing and buffing into good use by making it part of your exercise regime. All that moving around burns quite a number of calories – the harder the effort, the more you’re burning! You could even track your progress using a fitness tracker to get in those steps.

3. Gamify

Image Credit: Pixabay

Got a little competitive streak? Turn cleaning tasks into a quest or game – challenge yourself to complete a task against the clock, or award points for the most effective way to tackle a chore. Double the fun by getting your housemates – spouse, kids, basically those sharing your living space – involved.

4. Put On Music

Image Credit: Pixabay

Liven the experience with a bit of music. Put on your favourite, fast-paced tunes for an energy boost, or a soothing track for the calmer chores. Good music can lift your mood and get you going to the beat – and in the privacy of your own home, no one’s going to judge your dancing.

5. Listen to Podcasts

Learn while you clean! Put in an educational podcast while you tackle your chores, or switch on the TV to your favourite documentary programme. With a variety of interesting topics to choose from, use the opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn something new. Certain language programmes are also available in an audio medium, so you can go through a module for every cleaning session – and master your topic of interest in no time.

6. Build A Cleaning Kit

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Got a favourite scent or colour? Using the proper tools makes cleaning easier, and having them in a format you like can make it more exciting. Use detergent and cleaning fluids that smell great to you, or indulge in fancy but effective appliances in an exciting colour. It may sound silly, but using tools you can like adds a little bit of fun to the process. Plus, using the right cleaning equipment makes it easier and efficient!

7. Treat Yourself

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Give yourself something to look forward when you finish the chore with a fun little reward. Indulge in a little treat like a manicure for those chipped nails, or a nice movie to relax after a job well done.

It’s all about attitude when it comes to tackling cleaning with minimal stress. Some do find the fun in planning, organising, and taking time to get their living space neat, comfortable, and in order. But if you’re just not one of those or find yourself in over your head on a big cleaning job, get professional help with one of the cleaning services on Kaodim today!