7 DIY Storage Ideas To Organise & Clear Your Mess

With all the stuff that Malaysians hoard, there can never be too much storage space! If you’re not planning to call the cleaners, you can get hold of many DIY ideas to create storage organisers and boxes by recycling and upcycling some of those junk that you’ve been hoarding. The catch however, is to make them look pretty & attractive while sitting in your room.

Unlock the storage potential in your sea of stuff using some of these items:

1. Empty Tissue Boxes

Dispense plastic grocery bags with ease by stuffing empties into an old tissue box stored under the sink or place it conveniently on your countertop. You can simply pull out one when you need it.

An alternative is to use a cardboard paper towel roll which is much slimmer.

Source: growcreative.blogspot.com


2. Dish Drying Racks

The multiple slots on a dish rack make them really versatile organisers – keep coloring books, art supplies, stationery or files. Store items like pencils and markers in the utensil caddy.

Source: tipjunkie.com (left) & realsimple.com (right)
Source: tipjunkie.com (left) & realsimple.com (right)

 3. Coat Racks & Door Hangers

Hang your best-loved (and most frequently worn) necklaces and bracelets within easy reach on a wall-mounted coat rack. They’ll stay tangle-free and still look lovely. You can also hang belts and stick the door hangers to the back of your wardrobe door.

Source: etsy.com

4. Clothing Hangers

Have you got a pile of wrapping paper and paper bags stashed in a corner somewhere? Until you find the perfect occasion to reuse them, keep them crease-free by clipping them onto a clothing hanger – you can either use a regular hanger or a trouser-skirt hanger.

Loop gift bags over the hook of hangers.

Source: thescrapshoppeblog.com

5. CD Racks

CDs, remember them? They could be a thing of the past but you can reuse your CD racks and amke them useful to hold your plastic lids. The width of the CD slots fit the size of lids very well. You don’t have to scramble around to look for them the next time you want to have store some leftovers.

Source: amyvolk.com

6. Magnetic Strips

How can this tiny invention store anything you say? You can purchase them at the DIY store and use them to keep your bobby pins, hair clips, nail file, tweezers and other metal necessities organised in one spot. A very cool idea!

Source: goodhousekeeping.co.uk

7. Customised Storage

Even we have to admit that there’s such a thing as too much stuff – in this case, we would recommend that you call in the pros! If you have space that can’t be fitted with ready-made cabinets, or have very specific storage needs for special items, get a carpenter or cabinet-maker to customise some storage cabinets or racks for your home.

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