7 Beautiful Home Interior Designs by Talented Malaysian Designers

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Fancy a home makeover but can’t decide what style you want or who to hire? Check out the images below from some of our talented interior designers at Kaodim and get inspired by these gorgeous home designs!

Earthy tones for the bedroom

Photo credit: Acaso Design

Dark wood meets light wood in this elegant layout, backed by a comfy gray splash of rug and hazelnut-hued ceiling-to-floor cushioned headboard. The shades and textures introduce a gentle warmth and earthiness. Neutral colours always work to the room’s benefit, and when accented with shades like white and gray, the contrast is strong yet subtle.

Contemporary kitchen with black marble backsplash

Photo credit: Design Bliss

Our interior designers at Design Bliss coupled sleek black and white furniture with polished hardwood floor and a gorgeous marble backsplash to create this beautiful kitchen. While the contemporary kitchen stools are attractive, it’s really the black marble backsplash that steals the show. Don’t be afraid to incorporate marble instead of tiled walls, because when teamed with the right furniture, the entire space is brought to life.

Sophisticated living room

Photo credit: Benoit Designs

This living room screams posh from every angle. We like how Benoit Designs adorned the cream sofas with berry-coloured pillows and a unique chaise-slash-coffee table atop the patterned beige carpet. Natural light definitely helps to brighten the space, and the studded ceiling spotlights add a more urban edge to the otherwise ethereal living room.

Black & white feature wall

Photo credit: Benoit Designs

Feature walls can work wonders to any room, if done correctly. The interior stylists behind Benoit Designs did a good job integrating creativity and sleek sophistication in this music room, with the large backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline framing the entire wall.

Black leather sofa in a modern yet classic living room

Photo credit: AS Work Studio

This design packs the punch for being modern, classy and colourful, all without overplaying or downplaying the design aesthetics. We see a variety of textures being used in this living room – wood, tiles, glass and leather are all featured here. The stylists of AS Work Studio also understand that a black leather sofa adds plenty of character on its own. It’s luxurious and practical, and if shown proper care, it can offer years of immaculate style and comfort. Read this for tips on maintaining leather sofas.

Marble kitchen countertop

Photo credit: Room 360 Design Studio

Marble kitchen countertops exude so much elegance and style. Room 360 Design Studio was careful in ensuring that the island remained the star of the show. Marble has been proven to instill class and luxury, but it also requires quite a bit of maintenance. Read this article if you’re interested in getting marble countertops.

Elegant bathroom

Photo credit: Benelise Concepts

Hotel-inspired bathrooms are becoming the new inspiration for homes these days: polished glass walls, mirrors, wooden shelves, stone floors and automated toilet bowls. Our interior designers at Benelise Concept were able to turn a tiny bathroom into a super stylish one, which is proof that regardless of your bathroom’s size, its not impossible to transform it into a stunning place of zen.

So if you’re inspired to give your home a fresh makeover, look no further than our pool of creative interior designers at Kaodim! Click on the link below to get started, and we’ll send you free quotations to compare so you can scan their profiles, check out their portfolios and get in touch with the one you deem best for the job. And in case you require experienced home contractors, we have them at Kaodim too. New year, new interior!


written by Carissa Gan