7 Beautiful Curtain Trends Of 2018 To Look Out For

A great way to spruce up your home this year without breaking the bank is switching out your old curtains for these trendy beautiful curtain designs. With so many colours, patterns, and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find something new, exciting, and just perfect to match your current aesthetics.

So what styles are in? Here are just a few to look out for:


1. Tropical Prints

Tropical Prints
Image Credit: Idea For Curtain On Your Home


Still, among the top favourite designs this year, tropical prints include motifs of broad palms, bold ferns, and striking, exotic colours of rainforest flowers and fauna. The rich and deep greens are sure to give you a sense of calm for quieter areas like your bedrooms, while the stark oranges and reds might do well for busier areas.


2. Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns
Image Credit: Kitchen Sink Cabinet 2018

Far from being frumpy, the natural charm of florals are making a comeback – or maybe it’s never left! Florals are versatile, coming in various colours, shapes, and visual arrangements to fit any home and any aesthetic. From soft, vintage wildflowers, pop-art poppies, to quirky Nordic vines, there’s a style for each space in your home! Go for calmer patterns for your bedrooms and try bright and bold statement showpieces for your living and dining areas.


3. Bold Colours

Bold Colour
Image Credit: Best Products.com

Eye-popping single colour curtains are pretty easy to match and allow you to express yourself in a minimalist, no-fuss way. Perhaps a rich purple will set the scene for your trendy hall, and deep red will set you in the mood for a movie in your TV and media room.

4. Golden Hues

Golden Hues Image Credit: Home Design

Forever a favourite, luxurious gold will help your home feel just a little more divine. Choose from shimmery sheers, subtle gold accents, to ostentatious sheets of the royal metal to spruce up your interior. Make a bedroom fit for a king, or embellish your dining hall for your guests to dine in royal splendour.

5. Jewel Tones

Jewel Colours
Image Credit: Privy Homes

For even more luxury, jewel tones like sapphire, topaz, ruby, diamond, and peridot are expected to make your curtains a little richer. With so many tones to choose from, they’ll go well for curtains almost anywhere in your house. Go for a single, eye-catching tone, or mix and match all for a colourful and playful look.


6. Metallic Shine

Metallic Tones
Image Credit: Wayfair

Not to be outshone by regal gold and precious stone, metallic colours like brass and chrome are also in. They’ll give your interior a somewhat retro look, which is all the rage this year. You can still keep lowkey trendy in all areas of your home, but maybe keep the ostentatious shine in more busy areas, and sticking to softer, subtler tones in restful rooms.


7. Artisanal Textures

Textured Curtains
Image Credit: Amazon.com


It’s back to basics – or at least, a throwback to the simple, artisanal aesthetic. For a modern, hipster look, consider textures that give off a rustic, ‘hand-made’ style like frayed fabric, woolly yarn, or even something more unconventional like marble, stone, and wooden textures for your drapes.

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