6 Tips To Get Fit Like Ronaldo

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Euro 2016 is around the corner… and we’re shining the spotlight on the season’s star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s currently ranked as the highest paid footballer at US $88 million! Cristiano’s rock-hard abs have been a good motivation for the guys at our office to start exercising more frequently. Once a skinny, scrawny kid, Cristiano has morphed into a muscled man through his vigorous training routines.

So if you want CR7’s secrets to an athletic physique, it’s time to pull up your socks and hire a good personal trainer. The Real Madrid football star himself has shared some of his workout tips that will guarantee you looking buff in no time.

man jogging in daylight1. Daily Cardio Run

Cristiano recommends a 25-30 minute cardio run everyday. Cardio builds up your body’s stamina and endurance. The more you do it, the stronger you’ll be. His buddies in the Euro 2016 league are all strong advocates for cardio too, because plenty of stamina is required for their upcoming matches, especially against Iceland tomorrow.

how to perform barbell squats
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2. Barbell Squats

Squats strengthen your lower body while increasing your hormone release and flexibility. With a barbell resting on your upper back, squat down for four seconds until your posterior is parallel with your knees, and then lift for 1 second. Squats look easy, but they require proper posture or you might pull a muscle. For best results, consult a personal trainer.

cristiano ronaldo jogging in field3. Mix Exercise Routines

If you want to raise your endurance like Cristiano or the other Euro 2016 players, mix your cardio routine and weight training so you get to train your strength and stamina, combining the best of both worlds to get optimum results. Add some weight-lifting into your exercises to keep your workouts interesting, and feel free to infuse some upbeat music into your routine for extra motivation.

cristiano ronaldo warm up in training field4. Warm-Up Before You Work Out

There is a reason why warm-ups always precede workouts. Never dive straight into a workout routine, because you could risk pulling a muscle or worse, tearing a ligament. Warm-ups will ease your body into the exercises by gradually raising your heart rate and blood circulation, a process that loosens the joints and improves blood flow to your muscles.

healthy meal vegetables5. Eat Regularly And Healthily

Each footballer in the Euro 2016 league follows a strict diet. Cristiano eats up to 6 high-protein meals a day, peppered with wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables. If you train intensively, he recommends eating regularly to keep the energy levels in your body high. Grilled fish or steak and sauteed vegetables make a delicious dish. Stay away from sugary and fried foods at all costs.

beer on windowsill6. Stay Away From Alcohol

Bodybuilders will tell you, “No drinking and training!” There’s a reason alcohol and exercise don’t go together. Alcohol will ruin every ounce of effort you poured into eating healthy and exercising efficiently. It affects your body’s hydration and muscle recovery duration, as well as everything else needed to build muscle mass.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to having a body like Cristiano’s! Ask any Euro 2016 footballer and he’ll tell you that a training buddy makes a huge difference when you’re working out, because it’s all about good teamwork. So find a friend who’s on your level so you can motivate each other. Another alternative is to have a personal trainer, as they are the perfect mentors to coach you through safe exercise routines that won’t expose you to injuries.

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written by Carissa Gan