6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

You spend at least eight hours a day with your mattress. This makes it the most frequently-used furniture at home, which means its hygiene is paramount. A dirty mattress isn’t just disgusting, but a hot bed of germs and diseases. A good mattress can last you 10 years, but poor maintenance will also shorten its lifespan, which can actually last you for 10 years.

Here are a few things you can do to make yours last longer:

Flip and rotate it every six months

remove mattress cover
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Make it a habit to flip and rotate your mattress once every six months. This will make sure it wears evenly, without depressions at odd places. Sleeping in the same area for too long will cause the area to sag from body pressure. Rotating and flipping your mattress regularly will keep it even.

Vacuum your mattress

vacuuming mattress
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Use a clean vacuum brush to clear your mattress of dust and mites. Sleeping on a dusty mattress will cause allergies and make you sick. Do this every six months to keep it clean.

Don’t use any liquid

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Not even fabric detergents! Once exposed to liquid, it’ll take a while for the moisture to go away. Moisture encourages mold growth, which is bad for those with allergies. It can also get you sick! If you accidentally spilled something on it, quickly blot the stain away and get the mattress dried.

Get a mattress protector

white mattress protector
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It’s good to fork out a bit of money for a high-quality mattress protector. Waterproof ones are great to prevent stains from leaking onto your mattress. It also protects you from dust, mites, and germs that might make you sick. Remember to wash the protector regularly, preferably in hot water.

Don’t jump on it

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We know jumping in bed is fun, especially for the little ones. However, this will damage the foam and make it wear out faster. You might even damage the bed frame, which will cost you more to replace.

Sun it

mattress in direct sunlight
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Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. It can kill germs, bed bugs, and eliminate moisture to prevent mold from forming. This will also remove any unpleasant odour from your mattress. This is best done before you flip or rotate it.

It’s better to hire professional cleaners to help you with this for the best results. Request for reliable mattress cleaners on Kaodim today!