6 Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

All of us have a favourite ‘hotel bathroom’ experience. They have the same things as we do at home but the Hilton and Sheratons’ seem to have a magic touch on their sinks, mirrors, bathtub, shower and even the double-flush toilets!

We did a little bit research and have got a list of 6 simple ways for you to upscale your bathroom to get that lux and expensive feel of a 6* hotel. You’ll know that you’ve gotten it right when you can see yourself spending hours unwinding in the bathtub, relaxing in the shower and taking your time putting on your make-up in what feels like a getaway every day.

1. Create A Theme

Bathrooms with a specific theme will create a ‘designer home’ look which will upscale your bathroom instantly.

You can consider a spa-themed bathroom, which is easy and cheap to achieve. Read more about creating your own private spa at home here. Few must-have items in a spa-themed bathroom include white or natural-coloured towels, candles, stones, and some posh looking ceramic bottles. Please remember to be consistent and disciplined with the colours your select for your theme. Here’s an example of a light birch wood with white, and cream accents.

Source: houzz.com

2. Dim The Lights

Ever noticed that you almost never find a hotel with white lighting? Instead of having bright-overhead lights, install a dimming switch so you can turn those vivid lights into some sexy mood lighting. You can get your electrician or lighting supplier to help you with installing the electrical wiring for the dimmer switch quite easily.

Dim lights are perfect in creating a calming and relaxed vibe in your bathroom. You can also consider other lighting alternatives like wall sconces, small lamp decors or it could just be having a few candles lit up to be ‘in the moment’ when you take a bath. The other trick is to go with halogen or spot lighting. Please choose yellow bulbs with a low wattage. If you’re going for LEDs make sure you get the right lumen values. Always go for less brightness to be safe.

Source: ottawabathroomdesigncontractors.wordpress

3. Install A Rainfall Showerhead

Swap your standard-issued showerhead with the latest trend in bathroom décor – the rainfall showerhead. To get one doesn’t really cost much and consider it as a good investment to add glam and elegance directly to your bathroom.

Source: bathselect.com

4. Bring In Nature

Another way to upscale your bathroom is by adding plants in your bathroom. To start with, you can go with smaller plants like aloe vera, bamboo, and philodendrons, which will instantly add colour and personality to your bathroom. If you don’t want to deal with mess and dirt, you can always choose to use ‘gel soils’ for small potted plants.

Source: Pinterest

5. Use Wallpaper

Having wallpaper is a good way to upgrade your room – you don’t have to cover your whole bathroom entirely with it, but just by lining some prints on one wall in your bathroom will work wonders!

Get wallpaper that is washable and try not to put them up near the shower area where steam or water splashes can damage it. Ask one of Kaodim’s interior design partners for more advice on choosing the right type and style for your bathroom design.

Source: thetaoofdana.com

6. Create More Seating

If you have some extra space, adding a small stool or a plush chair is a sure way to make your bathroom look more elegant. If your other half finds that strange, you can tell them that there’s no way that you are going to sit on the toilet while putting your make-up or lotion on, right?

Source: Pinterest

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