6 Simple Ideas To Transform Your Furniture

Having problems with old furniture or some pieces that seem out of place? Here are some clever ways to make simple sticks of furniture look more pleasing to the eye and perhaps even more practical.

1. Reconfigure simple shelves into an awesome design

Source: pneumaticaddictsource: pneumaticaddictBreathe new life into old furniture!

If you have a shelf with just one or two rungs or compartments, a lot of space is actually wasted and even filling it up can’t truly change that fact that it is probably an eye sore. Adding plywood rungs, frames and a decent paint job can suddenly make a simple shelf look classier and also allow for more storage space, which adds character to the item. An interior designer or carpenter can easily spruce up a shelf for minimum cost and work time.

2. Using photos on door windows or windows

source: twistedsifter
Paste photos on windows for a curious effect!

By pasting photos across window panels, you can create a pretty visual effect when sunlight shines through the windows, casting an illusion on the floors and walls. Be sure however to make sure there are no obstructions to light flow here.

3. Use old doorframes to make tables or mirrors

Source: twistedsifter
Transform old door frames and window panes into rustic coffee tables!

If you have used or old door frames from previous house refurbishments, they make for nice looking coffee tables with a rustic feel. Compete with the trendiest hipster cafes in town.

source:twisted sifter
Old door frames make for excellent mirrors!

Apart from that, you could get your local carpenter to help you fit a window into an old doorframe to create a vintage looking mirror frame.

4. Stack books to create large tables or counters

Book stacks make for a good reading location
Book stacks make for a good reading location

Kitchen counters are difficult and expensive to build and become a nightmare of renovation and a lost investment when it is time to move house. Building one out of books will give the counter or table a real unique look and ease of disassembling and transportation.

5. Replace racks with chairs

Old chairs still have some life in them !
Old chairs still have some life in them !

This may be an eclectic option but it definitely has an aesthetic advantage over using conventional racks.

6. Wrap dressers with newspapers

Old newspapers add the hipster touch to your furniture!
Old newspapers add the hipster touch to your furniture!

This is a very cheap and ingenious way to mask deformities or drab furniture. A dresser can be made to look chic with a collage of newspapers with varying fonts or colours. If you have interesting magazine articles with vibrant colours and/or fonts, you can use those as well.

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