6 Reasons Why Men Should Try Yoga Class

Who says men do not like yoga? Men love yoga, only because they think they’ll get to see this.


This is not always true.  Yoga is practised by women of all ages and shapes.

So instead of looking forward to the sometimes misconceived viewing pleasures that come with yoga classes, perhaps men should consider the health benefits of yoga instead.  What is evidently clear is that yoga is not just a sport for the ladies. According to a survey done by Yoga Journal, it is found that out of 20.4 billion people who practice yoga, a surprising 18% are men.

These men have realised what most men are failing to see.   Yoga is not just about looking good in tight clothes or being able to touch your right toe with your left hand while bending over your body backwards.  The list of men who practice yoga include top athletes who include it in their fitness regime to achieve better results, and we don’t mean any scrawny athletes- NFL players and even body builders utilise the benefits of yoga.

So what is stopping you? These facts about yoga might encourage you to consider starting classes.

1. Spandex outfits are not a requirement


Most men hate spandex and should avoid wearing spandex at all costs.  You don’t need to be in spandex to do yoga.  But if you like being in one, it certainly helps. As yoga involves the art of being flexible and being able to put your body into some very physically challenging positions, many believe that loose clothes will just come in the way and affect your performance.

2. You do not need to have a great body or high fitness levels

Forget what those movies or TV commercials showed you, yoga is for people of all age, size and gender.   Many people use yoga as their primary sport to lose fat and get in better shape.


3. You do not need to buy any equipment

All you need for doing yoga is a big enough space for yourself and some enthusiasm. The most you might have to buy is a yoga mat, but even that is not a necessity; you could do yoga on your carpet at home or just any flat surface.

4. Yoga helps release mental and physical tension

We men are more likely to internalize stress and anxiety than women. Yoga being a more laid-back and relaxing sport helps us better de-stress our mind and body compared to any butt-kicking boot camp that most guys prefer. Yoga boosts your system to release energy, and all of those happy endorphins. It helps to keep you better focused on your daily tasks and to-dos.


Many athletes use yoga as a warm-down routine as it helps to stretch the joints and muscles and helps prevent injuries and also because it helps to target muscles which normal exercises or workout are unable to.

5. You get to meet all types of women

Expand your torso and your mental horizons.  Yoga classes are still more commonly frequented by women.  The great thing is that yoga doesn’t discriminate on fitness level, appearance and body type.  You’ll get to meet all types of people and personalities at yoga classes who share a common goal of keeping their minds and bodies healthy.  Which is great.


 6. Yoga makes you a better performer in bed! 

A few of the above given facts do play a part in this. But other than  those, yoga helps to  increase your libido. Many of the yoga poses  help increase the over blood flow in your system  including to the  groin area; where the blood flows, the energy follows.

Yoga involves a lot of pranayama (breathing) techniques which is  believed to better channel  your sexual energy, helping prevent  premature ejaculation and thus increasing sexual  endurance.  Not to forget the flexibility you gain as you improve your yoga skills.

If all these facts about yoga don’t make you change your mind, we don’t know what will. If you  do want to try yoga but are afraid to do it alone, why not convince a bunch of your buddies and  have a yoga session. After all, yoga was originally meant to be for men.


So, stop claiming that yoga is too touchy-feely, too feminine and click on the image below to get quotes for a yoga class price from yoga instructors in klKlang Valley.