Get Raya-Ready With These 6 Simple Home Decor Tips

Ready for Raya? Impress your guests this year with a new, trendy home interior! You don’t need a total overhaul of the layout, or a massive renovation to install fancy new fixtures – it’s as simple as swapping out the colour palettes and rethinking your drapes to keep on trend!


Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:


1. Accessories With Shiny Metallics

Metallic Decor
Image Credit: Custom Home Interiors


Chrome, brass, and luxurious gold are among the trendier tones this year, with accents being all the rage for your rooms. It’s as simple as decorating your living room with chrome lamps or your dining hall with gold-fringed mirrors. Metallic tones pair well with most colour palettes, including the rich greens of Raya and the luscious hues of your rendangs. Adding a little metallic sheen to your interior will also give it a little extra character for a more exciting look.


2. Swap Out Old Curtains

New curtains
Image Credit: fifthla


Changing up your drapes is a simple  – and affordable – way to change the look and mood of your home. This year, designs to look out for include florals and tropical prints, as well as minimalist single-colour options to easily match and suit your festive needs – perhaps the traditional Raya green to complement your ketupat, or a bold red for the sambal nasi lemak that’s totally the rage this year.


3. Perk Up With Wallpaper

Freshen with wallpaper
Image Credit: Wallpaper Heart


Want something a little more involved? Consider installing wallpaper for a fresher, updated look for the season. Widely popular in the early 2000’s, they are making a comeback with more contemporary designs, bold choices, and smart, trendy patterns. You could even plan your walls to match your brand new drapes!

4. Refresh With Furniture

Refresh With Furniture

Image Credit: Art Decor Homes

Is your sofa a little sagging, your dining table wobbling at one side? Swap out frumpy old furniture for trendier ones to update your look. This year’s trends are all throwbacks – from bare artisanal textures like basic wood and stone patterns to retro pop-colours and geometry. Swapping out old furniture would not only look great, but would definitely give your living space a fresher, perkier feel.

5. Compartmentalise!

Image Credit: Old Brand New


Organise your interior for that tidy look that’ll make you feel all productive and ~minimalist~. From simple yet decorative storage boxes and cupboards with many geometric compartments for your various living room items, to strategically-placed furniture or curtains to compartmentalise your space, a smart and simple re-arrangement can help your home feel new and up-to-date to impress your guests. Also, the additional tidiness will help ease the cleanup process – before and forevermore after the party!

6. Craft Your Style

DIY Decor
Image Credit: Healthline



Give the season – and your home – a personalised touch by crafting your own interior décor. With trends going towards artisanal design and handmade artefacts, your own crafted decorations and simple features will look completely on-trend and contemporary. Homemade decorations and D.I.Y fixtures also allow you to express your personal style and make your unique mark onto your living space – so pull up family photos for a collage, pin-up postcards for your real-world inspiration board, or make Raya-themed lampshades, photo frames, or banners and streamers for the festivities. The crafting process is also calming and allows you time to think and reflect – and count your blessings – for the meaningful month.


The reason for the season is to show gratitude, appreciate blessings, practice forgiveness, and celebrate new beginnings. And sometimes, a sprucing up your home with a little something new helps! If you still need some inspiration or want something simple like new curtains to match your style, why not book a consultation with one of the expert home decorators on Kaodim today?