6 Packing Tips For Your Dishes and Glassware

You’re moving into your new home soon, and it’s time to pack! But how do you do transport all the cups, plates, and glasses without having to risk breaking them?

Here are some tips on how you can pack your dishes and glassware to keep them safe throughout the journey to your new home.


1. Use the right packing materials.

Use the right materials
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All your glassware and dishes are very fragile, and one of the most important things when it comes to packing glassware would be to use the right wrapping materials. 

You can use packing paper, newspaper, towels, or even bubble wrap. However, it’s best if you use materials that are easier to recycle, as it’s likely that you will discard the wrapping materials after you’ve settled down in your new home. 

You should also pack all of your glassware into a small or medium-sized box that can be easily carried around. Be sure to not pack them into large boxes, as it will make it harder for you to carry them, posing the possibility of dropping and breaking everything inside the box.

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2. Cushion top and bottom.

Cushion top and bottom
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Before you pack your glassware into the boxes, you should crumple up several sheets of packing paper or newspaper to cushion the bottom of the box. This will absorb all the impact that comes from the bottom of the box, and will help to protect all your glassware from any knocks and bumps. 

If you want to use towels or cloths to line the bottom of your box, be sure that you prepare a thick layer of cushioning for better protection.


3. Always wrap the heavy ones first. 

Wrap the heavy items first
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Here’s the rule of thumb – always start with the heavy ones first. 

You should always fill up your box with the heaviest items first, and end with the lighter items. For example, serving trays, large glass mugs, baking dishes, and more. If you have break-resistant glassware like Corelle plates, you can also place them on the bottom to cushion the lighter items. 


4. Do not overpack the box.

Do not overpack your box
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To save yourself the trouble of transporting multiple boxes, you might have thought about filling them up with as much glassware as possible. However, you should not do that!

Always remember to leave some room for extra cushioning at the top section of your box before sealing it. You can pack your items until you are around 3 inches from the top. Be sure to put sufficient cushioning on top with crumpled paper or layers of towels.

Note: You shouldn’t pack your items too loosely either. Insert crumpled paper or towels in the empty spaces between your items for extra cushioning. Alternatively, hire professionals to help you get ready for your move.


5. Pack mugs individually, but bundle up plates and bowls.

Pack dishes in bundles
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It may be very troublesome, but you should wrap your glasses and mugs individually for the best protection. When packing them into a box, it’s best if you avoid bundling them together.

When it comes to plates and bowls, after you have wrapped them up individually, you can pack them in bundles of 2 to 4. 

Be sure that your glassware are all fully covered before you pack them into a box. For mugs or glasses, you can tuck the ends of the wrapping material into the opening for full protection.
6. Wrap stemware into cylinders.

Wrap stemware into cylinders

If you have a collection of wine glasses, you should be careful when wrapping them, because the stem is usually very fragile.

Simply scrunch up a piece of paper and wrap it around the stem of your glass. Then, take another sheet of paper and wrap it around your glass until it forms a shape that resembles a cylinder. To avoid the wrapping paper from slipping away, you can consider using tape to secure them. 



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