6 Impressive Chinese New Year Themes for Your Living Room

The Chinese New Year season is always a good excuse to redecorate and renovate your living space. The spring season also heralds in new styles and trends, which you can adopt to keep your home looking fresh and contemporary.

The festive season can be incorporated into your living room design in a subtle and understated manner, keeping it dignified, yet celebratory. Doing this involves a keen eye for colour combinations that aren’t over the top. These are some excellent examples of how you can have a living room that’s festive, yet suitable for the rest of the year too.

1. The Glass Moon Gate

In this living room, a large moon gate window dominated the side and lets in plenty of fresh sunshine. It’s perfect for large families to gather as it offers a good view of the outside. Intricately carved lattice frameworks surround the television, which is placed on a background of golden brocade.

Image credit: bycns.com

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2. The Scent of Mandarin Oranges

Bright orange sofas are paired with fresh green plants to give a burst of life to this living room. A large hand painted scroll decorates one of the walls, with framed calligraphy on another. These elements are an important tribute to Chinese art of tradition, as well as recognizing the importance of heritage in a modern world.

Image credit: Interior Design

3. Art Nouveau Chinois

Abstract art pieces share the space with subtle Chinese heritage elements like the red brocade cushion covers. This living room is a great example of how modern decorative elements can be used to channel the sentiments of Chinese culture and tradition. This is evident of course by the number of reds and bright yellows in the room.

Image credit: fatare.com

 4. Dreams of the Red Chamber

Carved rosewood furniture is lacquered red for a bold move in furniture. The bright colours are muted by the earthy floors and effervescent light pink curtains. The intricate motif of the lamp on the side table is probably the main conversation piece, as is the large green porcelain vase.

Image credit: acmchome

5. The Sunken Sofa

Create a retro 1980s look in your living room this Chinese New Year by giving all your relatives and friends a treat. They can all enjoy the sunken living room area together as it encourages conversation and is perfect for passing around snacks and drinks. The red cushions are definitely a highlight of an otherwise muted room with lots of whites.

Image credit: Classy Sharelle

6. The Shanghai Bund

Shanghai is a bustling metropolis where modern meets traditional. This city apartment is infused with auspicious paintings and a table runner that’s etched with good luck symbols. These lucky colours are complemented by a cosy red carpet that goes so well with the golden metal lamps.

Image credit: Home Design Lover

Red and gold are definitely important colours to include in your thematic design. However, you’ll also have to remember that the room should be relevant after the festive season is over too. Of course these living room ideas can be spruced up during the Chinese New Year season itself with lanterns, auspicious calligraphy and red paper cutouts. To book your renovators early before the festive rush, tap on this link and you’ll be able to submit a request for the service you need.

written by Michelle Chee