6 Important Things Wedding Photographers Want You To Know

Weddings are special, we get that. It only happens once in a lifetime and you want it to be as  perfect and drama-free as possible. When the dress is chosen and the venue set, flowers arranged and guest list confirmed, it all comes down to the actual wedding day.

Nothing can go wrong. The ceremony must proceed smoothly, the food must be good, and most importantly, the photos must turn out great. But great photographs aren’t achieved in a blink of an eye because plenty of planning and post-processing is factored into the final work.

We asked our pool of professional wedding photographers on what they wish their subjects would know to make their job easier.

1. “We want, more than anything, to take great photos.”

alexis-fam-wedding-photography-malay-weddingPhoto credit: alexisfam.com

As wedding photographers, we love our craft, which is why we choose to do this for a living. Photography is an art form and like all artists, we are extremely protective of our works. We will do our very best to take the best wedding photos for you because we want our photos to be admired. Most importantly, it makes us happy to see you go gaga over your photos.

The knowledge that our work can preserve a special moment for you and be cherished by you is the best thing we can ever ask for.

2. “It’d be great if everyone put their phones down for a while.”

guests-phone-weddingPhoto credit: simplymagicceremonies.blogspot.com

We understand your family and friends would love to capture the special moment when you walk down the aisle and exchange vows. However, sometimes their smartphones and cameras can really ruin a perfect shot. It’s safe to say that we all agree that a shot of all the guests being on their phones during a wedding ceremony doesn’t really look like a memory you want to keep.

Don’t get us started on how the photos would look like with monopods and selfie sticks in the air.

3. “We’d like to request that our camera takes priority.”

blocking-weddingPhoto credit: mikemahnich.com

You hired us to take great photos, which is what we will do on your wedding day. Unfortunately, sometimes the guests will take up the prime spots, or they’ll get in our camera’s way. We would always ask them politely if they could allow us to take our shots, but we may not always get a kind reply. It would be nice if we’re allowed to do our photoshoots before your friends and family do theirs.

4. “A professional hair & makeup artist makes a world of difference.”

wkj-makeupPhoto credit: wkjphotography.wordpress.com

We can’t tell you how many times brides have approached us after the wedding to ask if we can bring out the colours on their cheeks, or adjust that awkwardly-drawn eyebrow, or fix the fine strands of hair that appear to be hanging off their chignon buns. Even if we’re Photoshop wizards, there’s only so much digital magic we can perform. We’d still say it’s always best to hire an experienced, professional hair and makeup artist to ensure that you look ravishing and fresh throughout all the photographs. Kaodim has a range of talented hair and makeup artists for you to choose from.

5. “Why we charge the amount we charge.”

Photo credit: shotkit.com

Every couple has a budget for their wedding, and we respect that. We won’t force our services and fees on you if it’s really beyond what you’ve allocated for. Likewise, we hope that you won’t force us to give you a huge discount. Please understand that photography is a full-time job for some of us. Besides the time, manpower, and skills, we also take into account the equipment and softwares that are necessary for each job — all of which don’t come cheap.

6. “We can’t really Photoshop to make you thinner…”

photographer at wedding cameraPhoto credit: youropenair.com

Unfortunately, we’re not magicians. Yes, we do use creative softwares to make your photos look better. We do colour correction if the lighting at the venue is too dark; we retouch the photos a little to make them look sharper. However, we can’t make you look thinner or fairer, because we aren’t supposed to alter the way you look on your wedding. We can take more of your ‘good side’ during the wedding, but there’s only so much we can do after the shoot.

At the end of the day, it’s a collaborative effort between the both of us. All we need to nail down is the working arrangement that can produce the most amazing photos, the ones that you’ll be proud to show your grandchildren. You can request for our quotes on Kaodim’s platform. Just fill in the form here and you’ll receive our price ranges in no time.

written by Esther Chung