6 Ideas: How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger & Have More Space

“There’s not enough space lah!”, how many times have you heard that complaint? Especially when you have more than one person using the same bathroom, whose toiletries get the prime spot by the sink? Or maybe you just don’t like your bathroom for what it is – just too small.

Designing a bathroom is one of the trickiest tasks when making home renovation plans. You are working with a very limited space which poses some practical challenges in positioning the toilet, sink, bathtub and other fixtures and at the same time, you want to design for comfort as well.

If you’re stuck with ideas or haven’t got a renovation contractor yet (by the way, we can hook you up with the right renovation contractor here on Kaodim), here are 6 ideas to help you maximise your bathroom space:

1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great tools for beautifying your bathroom but position them carefully as larger mirrors can compromise your bathroom design by taking up too much space.

Placing a mirror at an angle is a good idea for 2 reasons – it creates the illusion of a larger bathroom and it lightens the room as light bounces off the mirror.

Source: gharexpert.com

2. Make Vertical Storage Space

Instead of using limited floor space to store bathroom items, make use of the walls.

Vertical storage like wall-mounted cabinets give you more space to store your bathroom necessities, and this space-saving idea also allows you unobstructed movements in the bathroom too (no more bumping your knees into sharp corners!)

Do small drawers at countertop height and install dividers and towers. To make full use of wall space, look for those small corners in your bathroom – cabinets fitted into such nooks and corners that you won’t otherwise use, add much-needed storage space.

Source: hgtv.com

3. Adding Rods

Another idea to make use of your wall is to add rods.

These neat fixtures are not obstructive and takes up very little space. Handy for hanging bath or face towels, so install them near the shower or bathtub. Rods come in many decorative design, materials and colours which make them lovely décor pieces too.

Branch Bathroom Towel Holder
Source: tipjunkie.com

4. Positioning Sinks

Planning ahead before installing your sink in your bathroom renovation is still the best space saving advice. It is a much difficult process to create space and to move the sink with all its plumbing around once it’s fixed in your bathroom.

Once you’ve chosen where to install your sink along the wall, use the space underneath to fit some cabinets. Ask your interior designer or renovation contractor about space saving sink-cabinet units which are design specially for small bathrooms.

Source: lushome.com

5. Paint Light

To make small bathrooms appear larger, paint them in light colours. Choosing earth-toned colours gives your bathroom a cozy atmosphere. Combine this with some ample lighting.

Source: bowerpowerblog.com

6. Create Window Space

And let there be light! Consider taking out a wall and replace it with a window when planning your bathroom renovation.

Allowing more natural light in will create an open-feel in your bathroom. When installing windows, it is important to choose the right window treatment to maintain your privacy and allow as much sunlight in at the same time.

Obscured Bathroom Window
Source: bhg.com

For more space saving ideas, make an appointment for a space consultation with one of our experienced interior designers or find out how can our house renovation contractors, cabinet makers, carpenters, and window installers help with your bathroom works. Just Kaodim it with us!