6 Hacks To Keep Your House Cleaner For Longer

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Most working adults will find house cleaning tasks quite daunting. Maintaining the house after the visit from a part time maid or maid cleaning services might sound hard for some people who don’t have a cleaner that comes in frequently.

If you don’t have someone who comes in frequently here are 6 easy tasks that you can adapt to keep your house clean for a longer period of time.


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Do the dishes every day

If you cook and have your meals at home every day, don’t forget to do the dishes right after a meal. Minimise the use of dishes so you’ll have less to clean. A house will feel dirty and might smell bad if the dishes are left unwashed. They will even invite unwanted guests  (imagine cockroaches roaming the sink!). Make sure you remember to scrub the sink and clean any food bits.  Leaving food bits lying around will certainly attract unwanted critters.

Switch on that vacuum

A vacuum will certainly work better than a sweep would over the most highly trafficked areas like the living room. Most commercial vacuums work on hard surfaces as well as for carpet cleaning. Only vacuum areas you’ve just used, which you think needs the most cleaning. Leave other areas alone so that you don’t spend more than 10 minutes vacuuming.

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Wipe down visible surfaces

Big flat surfaces like tables and countertops are where dust is most noticeable.  Try out a few dusting options such as a microfibre cloth or a feather duster. This easy task will take you just a few minutes and yet it will make so much difference to your home.  Accumulated dust gets into your eyes, irritates your nose and it really makes your furniture, cabinets lets attractive than it actually really is.  Spend some time wiping down the obvious visible areas, like your dining table, kitchen countertop and coffee table.  It doesn’t take long!

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Don’t forget the bathroom

The most important room in your house needs to be kept clean and hygienic as possible. You can do so by wiping the counters and scrubbing the toilet bowl briefly.  Don’t spend hours cleaning your entire bathroom.  Rather you want to clean each fitting every couple of days.  For example, on Tuesday you could give your sink a wipe down and on Thursday you can do the same for your toilet bowl.  By rotating the tasks you spend less time and achieve the same results.

Protect thy furnitures

Furniture sprays and carpet sealants will protect against accidental spills. Some of these products that you can find easily in stores also protect fabrics from losing colour and repel mold, mildew, and bacteria. Protective sprays cause liquids to leave a layer on the surface instead of being absorbed. Apply the appropriate sealer once a year after major cleaning of upholstery and thorough carpet cleaning.

Every night clear up the little things

Look out for any left behind glasses, misplaced mails/bills, pieces of paper, magazines, envelopes, pencils, or other foreign objects that don’t belong. Transfer them to its proper place and your home instantly looks cleaner. If you’re in a rush, chuck them into a corner, or a dedicated room. This is a convenient trick as well but don’t make it a habit!

Once in a while, you need to have a major comprehensive house cleaning. If you have never hired a part time maid or professional cleaner before, why not try today, it might be the solution you are looking for.