6 Dangers Of Unserviced Airconds

Airconds have come a long way, with newer, fancier models offering you health benefits and cleaner, quieter comfort for a more affordable price. But some things remain the same: you have to maintain it to ensure it’s functioning efficiently. Sounds like a chore, right?


Just like any home appliance, neglecting your aircond can cause you no end of trouble. In fact, letting it go unserviced for too long can be dangerous to both your health and safety.


1. Unserviced Airconds Are A Dust Trap

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Airconds are equipped with filters that trap dust, dirt and pollutants, so you and your family get only the clean, fresh air. However, leaving the filters unserviced and unclean for too long means all that accumulated filth builds up, and eventually, gets circulated back into your home. Old filters also wear down and become less efficient over time, so replacing them is integral to ensure your air conditioner is functioning as it should.


2. Unserviced Airconds Are A Breeding Ground For Germs

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Along with dust, your aircond will also filter out disease-causing mold and bacteria. And like dust, leaving the filters uncleaned for too long allows these pathogens to breed and proliferate, eventually getting blown back into the air you breathe.


Mold spores are particularly dangerous and have been linked to causing allergies and cancer. The bad news is, they’re also particularly prevalent in dirty, unserviced airconds.


3. Unserviced Airconds Are Leaky

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Not just water that damages your walls, floors, and fixtures; airconds rely on chemical coolants like freon for temperature control. As time passes, general wear and tear can cause deterioration of the components. This can cause leakage of the harmful chemicals into your home, threatening your health and safety.


4. Unserviced Airconds Will Trip your Power

Power Trip
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Neglected units, chugging along and trying to cool your house, can overload your circuit breaker and trip your power. This not only puts a dampener on your Netflix binge, but can also pose hazards to you and your family.


5. Unserviced Airconds Are Bad At Their Jobs


Bad At Job
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You have an aircond for cool, fresh air. But if you leave it unserviced for too long, it starts losing efficiency. Parts will tend to break frequently and easily, and the air is just not as cold as it used to be. What’s more, filth that builds up will contaminate your air and even cause a bad smell in your living area!


6. Unserviced Airconds Are Dangerous To Your Wallet

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Health and well-being aside, neglecting to maintain your unit is also dangerous to your pockets! Forgoing regular servicing might save you a few hundred ringgits upfront, but not getting it periodically checked means you’re losing efficiency. This means you’ll have to use more energy to get the temperature down, and this bumps up your electricity bill in the long run.


Repairing your unit when it breaks down from neglect – or buying a whole new one when it stops working altogether – can also cost you more than regular servicing. So get up to speed with servicing your aircond with the help of expert vendors on Kaodim today!