6 Custom Made Wall-Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedrooms

After your bed, the second must-have furniture in your bedroom is most definitely your wardrobe (unless your 55-inch flat screen TV comes first!). The biggest benefit of having custom-made wardrobes is that you can choose any design you like and it can all be fitted perfectly into your bedroom’s dimension.

This staple furniture can be designed in a variety of ways for you to make full use of the space in your bedroom. Before you seal the deal with your renovation contractor, interior designer or wardrobe maker, check out some of the wall-wardrobe design ideas below and get some inspiration about which design suits your bedroom space the best:

1. Go Around The Window

Many homeowners will immediately dismiss the wall with a window in it as a potential site to build-in a wardrobe. You can in fact make full use of this space and ask your contractor at the same time if he can build a window seat or banquette – the natural light coming through the window makes this spot perfect for a reading corner or spending some quiet time just enjoying the scenery.

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2. Replace Headboard 

The wall area above your bed is also another underutilised space and it’s a great place to build a wardrobe around if you don’t like having huge pieces of furniture facing you while in bed. You can choose to use the entire wall for the wardrobe or fit in some shelving, mirror or art decor in the middle space above the bed.

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Source: hootenart.com

3. Built-In TV

The best way to build-in your must have flat screen TV is to get the exact measurement of the TV unit that you’ll be incorporating into your wardrobe – make sure your contractor gets the TV’s measurement too before he starts working on it! To find out the ideal height to position the TV, there’s no better way than to lie down in bed and do a little test until you find the right spot.

You can set the TV either in between the open shelving or build a door to conceal the TV when it’s not in use.

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4. Incorporate A Vanity Area

Create a multi-functional space by combining your wardrobe with a vanity built-in between – this way everything that you need will be within reach. Having a vanity with a mirror is a good way to break up the solid ‘block’ of wardrobe and create some dimension in your bedroom.

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5. Choose Sliding Doors

If you have a small bedroom or want to save space, a wardrobe with sliding doors might be exactly what you need. Get sliding doors that have mirrors on them that will not only make your ceiling-floor wardrobe more beautiful, but the mirrors can also help to make your room look bigger.

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6. Get In The Corners

Believe it or not – the odd corner of your room can actually turn into a brilliant space to build your wardrobe. For a part of the room that has very little traffic, it’s a great place to build any type of storage.

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If you can’t wait to get these amazing wardrobes into your bedroom, get in contact with our interior designers or cabinet makers on Kaodim.com who can provide you with more design choices and materials to build a wardrobe that fits your personal style.