6 Creative New Ways To Use Red Lipstick

What’s a more iconic makeup than red lipstick? A must-have among the vivid pinks, nudes and neon greens, red lipstick works wonders as a casual, professional or party shade.

True to its versatility, red lipstick has many other alternative uses besides giving your lips that extra pop of colour.

Here are 6 more ways to put spare lipstick to use:

1. As A Blush

Use red lipstick as blush
Image Credit: Blush Makeup


A tiny dab of red lipstick will give your cheeks that attractive pink glow! You can apply it just like a cream-based blush on the apples of your cheeks or just a little lower for that rosy complexion. The best kind of lipstick for this use should be sheer – too matte and it’ll look dry, and too glossy will make your skin look oily.

As with regular blush, apply after you’ve prepared your skin with moisturiser and foundation, and blend gently with the tip of your fingers.


2. As An Eyeshadow

Red lipstick works great as eyeshadow
Image Credit: YouTube

For a stark red effect, try using a little lipstick as an alternative to eyeshadow. You can apply and blend it either with a brush or simply with your fingers. However, it’s best to sanitise your lipstick with a little alcohol before applying it to your eyelids to prevent eye irritation or infections.

For a longer-lasting finish, apply a little translucent powder to help fix the colour onto your eyelids.

3. As An Eyeliner

Use red lipstick as eyeliner
Image Credit: Chell’s Makeup

Certain lipsticks have a similar texture to gel-based eyeliner, so naturally, you could use it for bright red cat-eyes for your next daring look!  Use a Q-tip for more precision, if you’d like. As always, it’s best to clean your lipstick before using it near your eyes, and set with powder once you’re done.

4. As A Temporary Tattoo

Want a tattoo just for a bit? Try out red lipstick for that
Image Credit: Pixabay

Moving away from cosmetic uses, old (or new, if you’d like!) red lipstick works well if you want to adorn yourself with temporary statement tattoos. Useful for costuming, fancy dress parties, or just a fun night out, you can draw up cute hearts or #YOLO on your cheeks, arms – or just anywhere, really – in bold red.

They’ll wash right off once you’re done, although you’ll have to be a little careful not to stain clothes or anything else you might come into contact with. Setting the tats with some powder might help prevent unwanted smearing.


5. As A Pen

Use lipstick as a quick and handy pen
Image Credit: Spark And Chemistry

Okay, maybe not the best use of your RM 200 Bobbi Brown stick, but in a bind, lipstick works as a quick and easy pen to write down important messages and notes. Red lipstick will stain just about anything, so you can write out that memo on the palm of your hands or a quick note on a spare napkin.

6. For An Art Project

Lipstick is great for art!
Image Credit: Huffington Post

Nothing looks quite like that vivid red like your favourite lipstick, so it’s no wonder artists – like our very own Malaysian-born ‘Red’ Hong Yi – have used it as a medium for their work.Use it like a crayon for precise strokes to make a masterpiece, or simply scribble some motivational statements on a canvas for your very own, personalised modern art.  

Lipstick is pretty versatile, but its best use is still what it’s made for – your lips! And if you need some help getting that perfect lip look, why not consult one of the many professional makeup artists on Kaodim?

written by Louisa Lee