How To Choose Roof Tiles


Is it time for a much needed roof repair? Or are you in for an exciting house renovation project? Are you building a new house from scratch? Regardless, there are many types of materials available in the Malaysian market for your roof. A good first step would be to enter the process knowing what questions to ask when working with your home contractor. Hence, we are here to get you started with a few basic things to consider when choosing the type of roof material for your home.

1. Weather conditions

In Malaysia, we get plenty of direct sunlight as well as frequent rain showers. Compare the materials and see if the contractor can explain the differences in their endurance of our climate.   Our climate conditions are different from other countries so make sure you are careful when considering materials used in colder climate countries.

2. Are the tiles too heavy?

Some tiles are heavier than others even though the pros and cons are different. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional evaluate the structure of your house to determine what roofing materials and weight it can hold. For example, metal is lightweight, clay tiles are heavy and usually require reinforced roof framing while asphalt shingles are moderately heavy.

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3. Slant of the roof

It gets technical here but the key thing to know is that not all materials are suitable for all degrees of steepness. For low or flat-pitched roofs, you’ll need to top with seamless materials, otherwise, water might pool on the surface and leak through.

4. Get the right look

Pick the right material to match the style of your home Source: Medieval Times on Pinterest

When considering roof materials, we advise keeping the consistency of your home’s exterior style. Take into consideration the color, texture and type of roof material and how they match with your building material, paint color, windows and others. Also good to know for our Malaysian climate: a light colored roof will reflect more heat than a dark one.

5. Think of the Environment

If living a sustainable lifestyle is important to you, this is a question you can ask. Talk to your contractor on the environmentally-friendly materials that are available. There are some that are made from natural or recycled materials that do not require a lot of energy to manufacture. There are also some like aluminum that reduce heat absorption, thus rendering your home cooler.

6. Cost & Durability

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You get what you pay for rings true when it comes to roofing. This is one of the things you might not want to skim on unless the difference is a factor in terms of style, not durability. It’s worth the money to invest in materials with longer life spans. Especially if replacing your roof isn’t a hobby you’d like to have every few years.