6 Awesome Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Did you know: The average human spends about 30-60 minutes a day in the bathroom?

The loo is so much more than a stop to take care of urgent human needs. It’s the morning respite before tackling the day’s challenges. It’s where your brain reassembles itself after a good night’s sleep. It’s a space where you are able to get lost in your own thoughts,  catch a breather  (provided that your toilet smells as nice!), catch up on your reading, play Candy Crush, and even contemplate the answer to life, universe and everything in between. It’s a space where you can truly call the 30 minutes or so your own.

So, if you are thinking of a toilet renovation (why not?), here are some pretty nifty ideas for remodeling that throne:

Starry Starry Sky

Get bragging rights with a bathroom ceiling that looks like a star-filled night sky. There are a couple of ways to go about this. There’s the option to use plaster ceiling coupled with a few meters of fibre optics cable (or even LED perhaps?) or you could also use glow-in-the dark wallpapers to great effect. Here’s an example:

Photo credits belong to Luminous Sky

Pimp Up Your Cover

The toilet always seems like the grossest thing in your house. Appeal to your sense of irony by turning it into one of the prettiest looking objects by pimping up your toilet seats with designer art!

Photo credits belong to Trendir

Business Putting

If you’re a huge golf fan and always looking for time to squeeze in a putt practice session or two, how about putting about while you’re doing your business? After all, people always say that business is done over a game of golf.

Photo credits belong to Ebay


Pop of Colours

Boring white, yellow and off-grey. Who says bathrooms need to conform to a standard colour? Go crazy with some bold, happy colours to brighten up the place. It’ll even appeal to your kids.  Make bathroom visits more fun for the both of you!

Photo credits belong to Apartment Therapy

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Toilet Tree

How many times have you found yourself in the very inconvenient and embarrassing situation where you’re done with your business only to find out that the toilet roll has run out? Well, with this must-have toilet accessory, you will never find yourself running out of toilet paper.  Apart from making your toilet look really pretty, the toilet paper tree holds craploads (pun intended) of toilet rolls too!

Photo credits belong to LightCool

Fish Toilet Tank

Feel like it’s such a waste to hold 3 gallons of water that’s doing perfectly nothing until your next loo visit? Transform it into a live fish tank! Don’t worry, Nemo won’t be flushed down this one. The aquarium uses the toilet but there is a filter between the flush and aquarium. Bonus points: it is environmentally friendly too because you’re essentially recycling water!

Photo credits by Rockerfox999
Photo credits by Rockerfox999


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