5 Unhealthy Kitchen Habits Affecting Your Health

Many of the things we do come with different consequences, some have positive effects whereas some come with negative ones. There are many things we do in the kitchen that are negatively impacting our health which we do not realise. But fret not, we are here to help you. Here are a few habits that you may not realise are impacting your health.


1. Defrosting meat on countertops




This may come as a shock to you because it’s one of the things we do on a daily basis. The main issue with defrosting the meat on the countertop is it will be left in a setting at room temperature. Harmful bacteria can multiply even quicker at room temperature, meaning the longer you leave the meat out to defrost the higher the chances of it being swamped by bacteria.

The safest way to defrost meat is by leaving it in the fridge, defrosting it in cold water or using the defrosting setting on the microwave. If you plan to defrost your meat in the microwave you should cook it immediately after.


2. Rinsing meat in the sink


Rinsing meats is not only an ineffective method to clean meat but it is also spreading germs in your sink. Raw meats may contain bacteria and pathogens, by rinsing the meats in the sink you are not killing any germs. Instead, you are being counterproductive contaminating the kitchen sink and other items that get splashed by the water. 

To kill the bacteria and pathogens, you simply have to cook the meat thoroughly, it’s as simple as that. If you still feel the need to rinse your meat, make sure to sanitize your sink after.

When was the last time your kitchen sink was cleaned? If you need help with cleaning, hire our professional cleaners and we’ll solve the dirty work for you. 


3. Not washing hands




You should know better with everything going on right now that washing your hands is easily one of the most important things to do. If you are in charge of cooking for the day, please make sure your hands are washed before starting, you seriously don’t want to be feeding yourself or anyone else bacteria and germs from who-knows-where.

No matter what you’re about to do or touch, be sure to always wash your hands to kill the bacteria and germs accumulated before spreading it all over something else.


4. Only using one cutting board




Using the same cutting board for raw meats and ready-to-eat food like fruits is a big no. Juices from raw meats can easily come in contact with the fruits, the same as the meat rinsing situation you will be contaminating the fruits. If you are unlucky and consume the juice of the raw meat, you can get seriously sick.

To prevent this from happening, you should get different cutting boards for different foods, one for ready-to-eat foods and another for raw meats. You can label them or get ones that aren’t identical to avoid any confusion.


5. Not cleaning the kitchen regularly




Last but not least, this is easily the biggest mistake many have made by simply ignoring and neglecting the chore. Germs and bacteria are living organisms that can evolve and adapt in order to survive, by not cleaning around the kitchen regularly you are giving them that chance to live in your kitchen.


This can be very dangerous especially in the kitchen where food is stored and prepared to be consumed by others. Have your kitchen cleaned on a regular basis, if you need more help you can book our house cleaning service to help get your kitchen spick and span, we even guarantee a reservice if the service provided is below satisfactory.