5 Types Of Roof Shingle Materials You Can Choose For your House

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The only time you ever think about your roof is either when it’s leaking, before purchasing a house or when your contractor asks you during a house renovation. Shingles are the most common form of roofing material for houses in Malaysia and which material you should use will determine on your budget and building type. To help you with choosing the right roof tiles, here are 5 types of roof shingles you can consider for your home:

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable variety of roofing material for both residential and commercial buildings. Asphalt can be made from either organic or fibreglass as its base material and they can last you for about 20-30 years in average, which is a shorter life span in comparison to the more expensive tile roofs. However, because they are not as pricey many homeowners do not mind replacing their asphalt roofs when it’s due and you can choose different colours and styles if you don’t want to be stuck with the old design.

2. Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are fairly durable as roofing material but may require some extra maintenance. Cedar is a popular hardwood choice for roofing and on average can last between 30-50 years. Architects and house designers normally choose wood shingles for their natural aesthetics.

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3. Metal Shingles

metal shingles roof
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You can choose to use metal as a roofing material in both shingles and solid forms. It’s ideal if your home has a steep and flat roof. One of the reasons why metal shingles are great materials is because they can withstand natural elements like fire, wind and even hail dues to its lightweight property. Metal shingles are very light and durable, and they can be painted with any colour of your choice as well.

4. Slate Shingles

Slate roofs may not be for everyone since it’s a rather pricey material. It makes for a very good investment if you have the budget to splurge – it is one of the highest quality of roofing material you can find and has a very long lifespan. Being a natural stone, it is also prized for its aesthetic appearance and it’s resistant to fire (which is always a huge plus!).

Source: dougfryroofingcontractors.com


5. Tile Shingles

The popular tile shingle is a strong competitor to the other shingle materials available despite it being more expensive than asphalt tiles because it requires almost no maintenance (apart from the occasional replacement) and can last as long as 80 years! Tile shingles are reminiscent of Spanish architecture and are a beautiful design element to incorporate into the aesthetics of your house. If there’s one thing you need to check with your contractor is whether your house can withstand the weight of the heavy tile shingles.

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