5 Trendy Ways To Decorate Your Place with Wooden Furniture

From rattan to teak to rosewood dining tables you see in 60’s Chinese dramas, wooden furniture seems so last century. Plastic and composite flat-packs from IKEA are cheap, easy to maintain and the way of the future right?

But there’s a reason why we’ve used wood for our functional and decorative furniture pieces for such a long time. When cared for properly, wooden furniture is durable, sturdy and possess an unrivaled rustic charm.

In fact, wooden furniture has never gone away even with the advent of cheaper plastic, acrylic, composite board, and space-age chrome pieces. In Malaysia, you can find great furniture to complement your modern home in traditional furniture stores, large retailers, and even online!

Want to try out wooden furniture? These inspirations are just a few examples of how great designs can make old-world wooden furniture a modern, trendy difference in your home!

1. A Shapely Side Table

1. Teak-Naomi-Side-Table-58-42-42-8765
Photo credit: Ethnic Craft Online

This quirky all-in-one side table combination shows how a smart and simple design can not only be trendy, but also insanely functional.

Made of teak wood, this rack will be strong, durable and will likely last you longer than a full run of Game of Thrones.

2. The TV Cabinet With Many Uses

Photo credit: Ethnic Craft Online

Complement your smart side table with an even smarter TV cupboard. This oak piece has a beautiful natural wood timber and dark paneling for a more sophisticated look that’ll match just about any living room design and enough space for a 70” television set.

Or you could opt to use it as a standard side cupboard for lighting and storage, and place your decorative 16” old-school TV box for a more hipster look.

If you’re in need of some trendy pieces, you can easily buy these wooden furniture online in Malaysia and have them conveniently shipped to your home.

3. The Spacious Shelf

Photo credit: Ethnic Craft Online

This other space-saving design gives you 11 partitions to store items of various shapes and sizes, while looking smart and trendy.

From magazines and dinner bowls to that decorative long jar you got at housewarming (but never knew what to do with), the whole shelf is eye-catching enough to be a decoration on its own! Also made of oak, this shelf will be sturdy, lasting and resistant to wear from everyday household use.

4. Dine In Style

4. Teak-Circle dining table
Photo credit: Ethnic Craft Online

Wooden furniture goes beyond shelves – this circular teak table will work as a simple dining table or a multipurpose desk for your hotdesking needs. Its interlocking feet give it a contemporary feel and provide stability for your dishes or hardworking laptop.

Teak wood – among the most durable materials out there – is also water resistant, low-maintenance, and long-lasting, so you can choose to cover it with a snazzy tablecloth or leave it unadorned in all its modern glory.

5. Cosy Comforts

teak air bed
Photo credit: Ethnic Craft Online

Looking for a trendy bed frame but can’t stand those round or overly-adorned sets? A simple wooden frame will not only give you a retro-yet-modern minimalist feel, but will also be comfortable and easy to maintain – no more allergy-causing dust bunnies under hard to reach spaces!

Wooden furniture can be modern too – great taste and design can make any space feel just right. If you’re happy to have an expert weigh in on how to incorporate these beautiful sets to create your perfect home, you can consult our expert home contractors on Kaodim today!

written by Louisa Lee