5 Trendy Garden Ideas for Balconies

Are you a nature lover trapped in a small apartment with no soil to plant some greenery? Worry not, the small space on your balcony can be transformed into a green sanctuary with these awesome design ideas, curated especially for tiny spaces. These ideas will make you love your small balcony even more! Here are some gardening ideas that will work on even the smallest patio or balcony.

Source: davinong.com
Source: davinong.com

1. No space? Go vertical

Urban living often means cramped quarters both indoors and outdoors, so make the most of the space you have by thinking vertically. Reuse a pellet or an old bedframe for space saving solution. Planting cascading plants like the nasturtiums or devil’s ivy on the top level will make it feel full and vibrant.




2. Use portable containers

Having plants in lightweight containers are great because they are portable. If you have a fence, windowsill or railing, you can hang these plants along them, dressing up the space with some natural beauties. Find containers with cooler designs or bright colours to truly brighten up the space.


3. Style it like the Japanese do

For smaller spaces, Japanese gardens are perfect because they incorporate a number of planting aspects in a small area. You can build a Japanese garden in containers or in the ground, whichever you have room for and whichever you prefer. Remember that most Japanese gardens don’t have flowers but you can add colorful plants and greenery. You can also add some water element with a little glass bowl or ceramic pot and fill it with water plants. If you have more space, you can add a bench or a couple of chairs for relaxing and you’re all set.


4. Get creative with bamboo and reeds

Bamboo planted in containers could create a screen on a balcony, a deck or even in a window box for a window that looks directly into someone else’s apartment. This is perfect for high rises that are close to each other if you are not a fan of people watching you instead of their television. Also, these screens provide shade, extra oxygen and a nice sight for sore eyes.


On the balcony below, we see how reed fencing creates a wall around the space, as do well-positioned plants. The result: a balcony that serves as a true retreat!


5. Add some seating

Now that the plants are all in place, what about the rest of your space? Don’t you want to thoroughly enjoy spending time on your balcony oasis? Turns out you need some seating in order to literally sit back and relax! If you’re on a budget, don’t think that good seating options have to be expensive. In fact, the bench below is crafted from plastic storage containers, plywood and reed fencing. Get creative!



Source: indopic.com
Source: indoor-lighting.net

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