5 Trendiest Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

Bored of looking at your plain white kitchen? Looking for some designs to create more spice (no pun intended) for your kitchen? Why not try out backsplash ideas for your kitchen?

What is backsplash?

Backsplash is a tile wall in a kitchen designed to deflect water and for decoration. It is typically installed behind a basin or sink to protect the native wall from water splashes. By doing this, the wall can be protected against corrosion in the long run.

Backsplash for kitchens are usually made up of tiles, with the practice of using the same material used to make the counter, to make the backsplash. However, in the name of all that is fun and unconventional, let’s explore more interesting backsplash ideas for your kitchen.

1. Classroom motive



chalkboard backsplash


chalkboard backsplash2

Ask most adults whether they miss their school days and more often than not, the answer is a yes. Since going back to school is a little out of reach, let’s unleash some of that childlike creativity to turn your kitchen into a classroom. Find some chalkboard paint and paint them on your kitchen walls as the backsplash. Then, get a box of chalk from the store and start drawing on the walls. Honestly, kitchen can never be as fun as now.

2. The stoned wall






Those who love nature will fall in love with a stone texture backsplash for their kitchen. Stones or pebbles add a rustic yet stylish atmosphere to the kitchen. It is fairly easy to do as well; stack lots and lots of pebbles or unique stones on the backsplash area.

3. The Mosaic-al wall



mosaic backsplash 1

mosaic backsplash 2

If you happen to have cabinets with vibrant colours, it is ideal to choose mosaic tiles which are either similar in colour or complements it. For example, blue and green is alright but green and pink? Not so. The overall effect of these mosaics is to create a clean look while being eye catchy. Additionally, a more colourful kitchen should lift anyone’s mood, making anyone happier. As you feel happy, your food will be nice too, right? (the answer is yes)

4. Cop some Copper for your wall 



copper backsplash

Tami Holsten of Bear Trap Design once created the amazing backsplash idea of covering a thin coating of copper on top of traditional ceramic tiles. The end result created a timeless design and it is so nice to be seen. It makes your kitchen more stylish than ever. Although the copper plating tends to wear off after sometime, this just makes it even more beautiful.

5. The Classic Marble pattern


If you love black and white, you’ll sure love a marble checkerboard backsplash. Usually, a marble piece can be custom cut into 6×6 tiles with chamfered edges. This pattern is evergreen and makes your kitchen so elegant and adorable.  Other than that, you can go for the sophisticated, lux polished marble look.

marble backsplash


marble backsplash 2

These are just a few ideas; there are many types of materials and designs, making the possibilities endless! Just try something new, something different in creating the atmosphere you want to have in your kitchen. Remember, avoid those white tiles!

Stuck for backsplash ideas or looking for an kitchen contractor to fit a backsplash in your kitchen? Get in touch with our kitchen installer experts at Kaodim for a stress free experience and excellent workmanship!