5 Tips To Save On Electricity This CMCO

Due to the current pandemic, everyone has been staying home more to keep safe. This most probably means your electricity bills have skyrocketed due to the higher use of electricity. Learn how to save electricity with these few tips. 


1. Natural lighting



Why pay a higher electricity bill when you get a free source of light during the daytime. All you need is a window in the daytime to fully illuminate your space without sparing a single cent.

Save your money and some electricity by switching off those lights especially when it’s sunny outside. If you don’t enjoy being blinded by the natural light, have a sheer curtain installed by the window. It will significantly reduce the glare and heat from entering your space.


2. Take shorter showers



A long relaxing shower can be nice and tempting but it’s also one way to rack up your electricity bill. Yes, the electricity bill. Your water bill will too be up there but so will the electricity bill.

The longer your hot water is on, the more electricity used especially when using hot water. Your water heater will have to use electricity to heat the water up to your desired temperature which can be very energy-consuming.


3. Set timer on aircond



It’s almost near impossible to live in a tropical country without a fan or even an aircond. The purpose of an aircond is to lower the temperature in the house, which is commonly done on a hot day and before falling asleep.

Some of us go to the extreme and leave the aircond to run throughout the night. Doing so is not cost-efficient and consumes plenty of electricity. Most aircond units are advanced enough to set a timer to automatically shut off the aircond. This will indeed save you quite a bit of electricity.


4. Run full loads



Did you know that a single large load can save you about 25% to 50% of the energy of two small loads? Constantly using the washing machine at half load can waste a lot of energy and plenty of water too.

If you get impatient while your favourite garment is in the laundry basket, hand wash it instead of starting up a small load. This will also reduce the number of times you will need to hang out your clothes.


5. Unplug used electronics



One of the most overlooked habits that we fail to notice which eats up electricity is leaving unused electronics plugged in the power outlet. Not many know that leaving your devices or appliances plugged in, or on standby mode still uses up electricity.

When a device or appliance is not in use, simply switch off the power and disconnect it from the main power outlet. This will easily save you up to 30% on your electricity bill, while also keeping your electronics safe from any possible damage from power surges or short circuits.

Never heard of some of these tips? Now that you know better, you can now save electricity even more since we’re staying home more often. If you are encountering any electrical issues at home, don’t hesitate to hire our professional electricians to help you fix them and enjoy great benefits. Compare up to 5 quotes and select your preferred vendor now!