5 Tips For A Better Kitchen

Do you enjoy cooking? Even if you don’t, the kitchen is probably one of, if not our favourite part of the house. If you want to up your kitchen game, here are a few tips to make your kitchen more loveable.


1. Paint your small kitchen in lighter colours



Size doesn’t matter, even if you have a small kitchen you can always make it look bigger with some optical illusions. Painting your kitchen in lighter colours such as baby blue, pale yellow, light grey and white.

Light colours help make the kitchen appear bigger and spacious. Make your kitchen space more inviting by getting our professional painters to help, inclusive of a 30-day workmanship warranty.

2. Install multiple power points


Prepping the ingredients for a dish can be very daunting and time-consuming, that’s why there are many types of electrical kitchen appliances available. If you have multiple electrical kitchen appliances, you will also need multiple power points.

With more power points, you no longer have to use one kitchen appliance at a time. If you need more power points installed in your kitchen, book our professionals and make your kitchen practical so you can prepare your meals faster.


3. Consider the size of your countertops


Pulling off Masterchef level recipes doesn’t only require skills but you will also need the right kitchen cookware and a comfortable amount of space on your countertops to work with.

Having more space on your countertops will make it much easier for you to organise and prepare the ingredients comfortably for your delicious meal. If you are planning to upgrade to a bigger countertop in your kitchen, hire our professionals to help you with your improvement work.

4. Add a kitchen island



If you have the space to add a kitchen island, you should do it. Having a kitchen island not only looks good aesthetically but it also is highly functional and useful.

You can determine the purpose of the island and set it up according to your needs. For example, you can make it your main cooking area by adding stoves and an oven at your kitchen island. This gives you more space in your kitchen to do other things like prepping and cleaning.

5. Appliance placement



Having certain items at eye length is a good way to not misplace and eventually lose them. Placing your appliances systematically also helps make your kitchen look tidy and neat at all times without sacrificing accessibility.

To help with your organising, you can purchase organisers that match your kitchens aesthetic from household stores at a reasonably low price. Now that you know all our tips, your kitchen is now as good looking as it is practical.

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