5 Things You Shouldn’t Stinge On. Seriously.

Being thrifty is a good thing. But some things in life are best left to the experts. Here are 5 examples.

1. Movers

(I think I’m going to lie down for a while)

You may have lifted a ton of weights in the gym last week, but that sofa’s a lot heavier than you think. Breaking your back to save a couple of hundred ringgit for a real mover isn’t exactly clever. Plus getting a lorry transport with professional transporters is a whole lot easier. They’ll pack everything neatly so your furniture stays in one piece. And you get to pop the bubble wrap all the way home.

2. Renovation Work


No matter how much you think you’re Bob the Builder, you should probably refrain from renovating your own home. Unless you’re really Bob the Builder. You think you’re saving money, but you’re likely to spend even more getting someone to build your home back to how it was before you got the idea that you’re Bob the Builder.

 3. Plumbing

There I fixed it…!!)

This one needs little explanation. Plumbers spend years training and honing their skills – you probably didn’t. Leave plumbing services to the experts. The consequences can be…un-pretty.

4. Cleaning

(Hm…I can’t remember whether it was cleaner before…or after…)

Admit it, you’ve never done any real cleaning in your life. Mum used to clean your room for you. Or maybe your ‘kakak’. So you thought it was a good idea to mix bleach with other cleaning products that contain ammonia (it’ll clean quicker I’m sure! Ha!) – only to find yourself on a hospital bed with respiratory damage and throat burns. No seriously, someone actually died mixing ammonia, bleach and some other stuff when trying to unclog his toilet. Read about it here http://bit.ly/1zks68N.

5. Hair & Makeup

(What do you think of this lipstick color honey?)

Girls love hair styling and makeup – but not all hair and makeup love girls. Getting a professional hair stylist or makeup artist is worth the money, especially if it’s for your Big Day.

So it isn’t just about saving a couple of bucks. It’s about convenience and getting the most out of your time. And sometimes, its about your safety too. After all, research tells us that more than 70% of all accidents happen at home. That’s what Kaodim‘s all about.

Get the pros when you need them. Easier and faster than ever before. Free introductions and quotations, for more choices and better decisions all at Kaodim.

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