5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Mover


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When it comes to moving house, your world can suddenly be thrown into a chaotic mess of damaged items, incurred hidden and planned costs, in addition to the headache of hiring movers that can accommodate safe passage for your items. These steps here might help ease some of your concerns and manage costs while promoting efficiency and orderliness.

1) Do your research about professional movers in Malaysia.

First and foremost, you have to research all available options in terms of legitimacy of house movers, cost, fee and availability.

You could start with recommendations from trusted sources i.e people who have engaged the services of movers in Malaysia, and/or service reviews on local forums. You could even consult the professional movers and packers on Kaodim for they will most likely be well equipped to handle all your house moving service needs.


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2) Compare bids or deals  

On top of that, you would want to have an exhaustive list of house movers within the vicinity of point of moving origin to further reduce costs. For example, After you have narrowed down the companies by availability, compare costs and fees to get the best deal possible. Be very specific about the quantity of items and timelines to get the best quotation.


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3) Insurance & Legitimacy of Service Provider

If you have a renter’s or home owner’s insurance that only insures your furniture and household items within your address that it is insured to, it does not cover your items during the moving process. To safeguard yourself during a move, you must purchase relocation insurance and this only applies to items packed and moved by the movers themselves. If you pack them yourself and there are any damages incurred, this will not be covered.

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Another important aspect of insurance is it will tie in to your moving contract, or bill of lading between you and your house movers. This ensures the legitimacy of the movers and will ensure the safety of your belongings by law.

4) Inventory

Itemize all your belongings that are to be moved to the very last stick of furniture and make sure your movers are well aware of this list. Upon loading and unloading, use a checklist to ensure everything is there and be mindful to involve the movers in this process to ensure responsibility on their end if there are any misplaced or damaged items.


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5. Specialized movers for special items

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Not all movers are equipped to transport and/or store certain special items which require specific controls such as environment, specific padding or bracing and deconstructing or installation expertise. Fish tanks, large glassware, vintage or antique items may require specific carriers or technical movers. Consult your movers and find out what comes under this bracket and whether or not they are suited for moving such items. If not outsource this to the specialists for this will aid in insurance claims and safety of the items.

At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with the relocation services, and making the right decision leads to a smooth transition which will eventually lend you and your family peace of mind.

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