5 Things to Make Sure of Before Boarding Your Pets

5 things to make sure of before boarding your pets   

You’ve got your air tickets booked and your vacation itinerary planned, you’re all ready for a time of rest and recreation, or are you?

Pet boarding is most often a pet owner’s biggest concern when they go on vacation. Choosing a pet boarder can sometimes be stressful because our pets deserve the best and nothing less. This process, however, can be easier if we know what to look out for when choosing a pet boarder for our furry friends. Here are some things to make sure of before boarding your pets:

  1. Read the reviews 

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Reviews are very helpful when choosing a pet boarder because they feature opinions of people who have used the service before. Reading these reviews will definitely help to assure you of the pet boarder’s reliability or lack thereof.


  1. Conversations with the pet boarder

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It will be helpful in your decision making to have a chat with the people who will be taking care of your pets while you are away. These conversations will help you get to know their experience level as well as help them get to know you and your pet.

  1. Listing down your furry friend’s special needs

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Before leaving your pets with their temporary guardian, be sure to clearly list down your furry friend’s health condition and dietary needs. This is to ensure that anyone who takes care of your pet will have a point of reference if they forget anything that you mentioned.

  1. Have your pet meet the pet boarderpets

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As you bring your pet along with you to meet its temporary guardian, you will then be able to observe the chemistry between your furry friend and the pet boarder. It is essential to remember that even more important than you liking the pet boarder is your pet clicking with their temporary guardian. This will also allow you to observe how the pet boarder handles your pet.

  5. Prepping yourself

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Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to our precious fur babies. However, leaving your pet while in an emotional state will only cause them anxiety, and that is not what you want them to go through without you around. So be sure to stay calm before leaving your pets with their temporary guardian.

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