5 Surefire Tips To Better Air Quality For Your Home

It’s about time for the annual Malaysian haze season again of smelly air and general poor air quality. We lucked out on last year’s but like many Malaysians you’ve probably seen and smelled the burning, smokey, haze blanket approaching.

Poor air quality will not only cause you to feel sick with symptoms including dizziness, headaches, irritated eyes and itchy throats, but long-term exposure to bad air can also lead to complications like respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Even if you decide to shut your windows and stay indoors for the rest of your life, studies have shown that indoor air can actually be up to 10 times more polluted and harmful that outdoors air!

Indoor air becomes polluted from tobacco smoke, building materials, mould spores, dust, household cleaning and hygiene products, appliances like fridges and printers, and even the process of cooking. So holing it out at home with your air conditioner running isn’t going to benefit you in the long run.

There are simple ways to improve and purify air quality. Start with these 5 tips:

1. Maintain Proper Ventilation

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Stagnant, stale air can be full of pollutants and moisture that are bad for your health; so improving the airflow in your home by ensuring proper ventilation will help improve air quality. Good ventilation will help wick away the bad stuff and let fresher air in. It’ll also help improve the humidity and prevent harmful mould.

If it’s haze season, or if you live in an area with generally bad air quality, consider installing filters in your windows that can keep out the pollutants while letting fresh air in.


2. Service Your Air Conditioners

Aircond Servicing
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Air conditioners are supposed to make your home cooler and more comfortable but can worsen air quality if not properly maintained. Dirty filters are a trap for dust and pathogens – which get re-circulated throughout your home! – while leaking refrigerant can be hazardous. Ensure your air cons are well-maintained and working properly to improve your home’s air quality, Kaodim is always ready to make sure your air conditioner is clean.


Hire expert air conditioner services through Kaodim to help out with your unit’s cleaning and maintenance.


3. Get House Plants

House plants
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Plants not only eat up your CO2’s and give off fresh oxygen but can help filter out dirt and harmful pollutants as well. Some houseplants can even give your home a great, fresh smell! Varieties that help purify air include lilies,  bamboo, aloe vera, and spider plants. Some need more maintenance than others, but are generally easy to care for!


4. Choose Your Cleaners Carefully

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Some household cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful and bad for your home’s overall air quality. These range from ammonia, fragrances, and bleach to volatile organic compounds that can cause allergies and breathing problems. Some cleaning products will have a higher concentration of harmful compounds than others, so spare some thought into choosing those with less. Avoid products that contain fragrances, and opt to use homemade cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and water instead of relying heavily on harsh cleaning chemicals.


Professional cleaners will know which products to use and how to minimise harmful contamination while ensuring the best hygiene. Book an expert cleaner through Kaodim today.


5. Clean Regularly

Clean Regularly
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Carpets, rugs, and fancy furnishings are a trap for dust, dirt, and mould that can get airborne and reduce indoor air quality. So regular cleaning and airing of your home will help improve the air. Along with using non-toxic cleaning agents, make sure you open your windows when cleaning. Don’t forget to give your houseplants a little dusting and wipe down as well!


Time for a deep clean? Or just too busy to dust and mop every week? Hire professional cleaners from Kaodim today to help you keep up with home hygiene. 

Fresher air and a cleaner home will ensure you and your family stay healthy and happy!