5 Small Garden Ideas for Your Urban Home

For many urban dwellers, choosing the convenience and excitement of a city life may come with certain sacrifices: space is often limited, which really limits the potential for gardening in Malaysia and landscape design. When we live smack in the middle of an urban sprawl, some greenery can do wonders to our mood. Wouldn’t you like to look out your window to a or enjoy a cup of morning coffee surrounded by the lush colors of nature and the fresh fragrances of new blossoms?

Here are some tips to bring life to your small garden.  Fear not, these don’t require a landscaping service or major gardening services, for that matter.  Perhaps a little carpentry skill might help though.  A few of them can work for balconies too if you live in a high rise.

#1: Stack Them High

Photo Source: Decozilla.com

Why waste precious gardening space with only three potted plants when you can stack them high and add six more to the fold? Salvage an old ladder or a step stool for this. To create a more impressive effect, arrange pots and plants of different colors, heights, shapes and materials so that they pop.

#2: Build a Trellis

Another awesome space-saving tip is to install a trellis and grow vines. This vertical element adds height, appeal and also works to shield the eyes from unsightly things such as your air-con unit. It can also act as a privacy screen to protect you from prying eyes!

#3: Create Container Ponds 

Water is an important element that can enhance the Zen-like atmosphere of your garden. No space and no energy to dig up a pond? Don’t worry, here’s a much easier thing you can do — create container ponds. Feel free to use anything as long as it holds water — vases, old buckets, sinks, even bathtubs (if you have the space)! And pick any floating plants that you like. Water lilies are always a gardening favorite.

#4: Maximize wall space

Photo Source: Dishfunctional Designs

Put your walls and fences to good use. There are numerous ways you can hang plants on them. Keep it simple and install hooks and to hang a potted plant. Or, amp it up and get creative, as shown in the picture above where an antique shutter is used to hold up the vases.

#5: String some lights

Photo Source: Remodelista

It’s easy to enjoy your garden in natural sunlight but the cool evenings in Malaysia are also a pleasant time to be outside (don’t forget mosquito repellent!). Instead of buying and installing regular garden lamps, Christmas lights or globe lights are cheap, easy and the effect is spectacular. String them on your trellis, fences, pillars and you can even wrap them around trees.