5 Simple Reasons Your Aircond Is Hot

You got an air conditioner to cool your house so you can pretend it’s the North while binging Game of Thrones. But suddenly all your unit does is blow out hot, musty air like in the dusts of Astapor. You ramp down the thermostat to the lowest it can get and put the fan speed on blast, but nothing helps.


Is your aircond not as cold as it’s supposed to be, or is it only blowing hot air? Here are 5 of the most common reasons why this may be so:


1. The Unit Is Old

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Sometimes, your unit is just too old to keep up. Parts can wear down and lose efficiency, providing you with less and less cooling power across the years. As these parts break down, the aircond loses its functions. Older units, strained beyond its capacity, will also overheat and therefore cause warm air to blow.


Besides, older technology just does not measure well with newer, more improved airconds. If you think your unit is outdated, your best bet is to get a new one. However, regular maintenance and servicing can often help prolong the life or your aircond units.


2. The Compressor Is Malfunctioning

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The compressor is the component in your air conditioner that controls the cooling and circulation of air. A faulty compressor will therefore disrupt the distribution of properly cooled air into your home. Aircond compressors can malfunction due to general wear and tear, but neglecting regular cleaning and maintenance will cause it to fail quicker and more often.


The only way to salvage this situation is to replace the compressor with a new one, or get a professional to fix the one you have. However, keep in mind that certain faults cannot be fixed, so be ready to fork out for a new component.


3. The Refrigerant Levels Are Low


Low Refrigerant

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Chemical refrigerant allows the aircond to cool air, so if its levels are low, your unit won’t be working properly. Low refrigerant levels are more often than not caused by leakages, which can be remedied by getting an expert to fix. Aircond refrigerant leaks can be dangerous to your home air quality and your family’s health, so keep alert! Besides blowing only warm air, you can detect a leak if you hear hissing or bubbling noises coming from your aircond.


4. The Aircond Is Dirty

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Dust and dirt buildup in your aircond’s filters, fan blades, and internal components will cause blockages that reduces the unit’s cooling efficiency. The obstruction reduces or completely blocks airflow, while internal blockages and clogs will cause the cooling mechanisms to stop working altogether. Generally, prevention is better than cure for problems related to cleanliness. If the unit breaks down because you’ve neglected regular cleaning, you’ll have to get in touch with an aircond maintenance service to both fix the problem and give your unit a much-needed deep clean.


5. The Thermostat Is On The Wrong Setting


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The most benign, easily solvable reason is that you’ve got your aircond’s setting wrong. Perhaps you’ve disabled the cooling setting, so your aircond is only blowing ambient, warm air. Or maybe you’ve set your aircond blades to a fixed position that doesn’t deliver the cold air to you. Or perhaps you’ve somehow switched your aircond to ‘warm’ rather than cool.


If you can’t figure out your aircond setting, refer to the provided manual. Otherwise, a quick scroll through your aircond brand website will often get you a list of common setting issues and troubleshooting options.


Regular aircond maintenance and servicing will help keep your unit up and running for longer, catch problems early on before they get worse, and ensure you’ll be getting the cool, fresh air you deserve. If you’re in need of professional aircond services, why not engage one of the many on Kaodim today?